The same is a small fat, why spicy Yangzi wear so bright?

 The same is a small fat, why spicy Yangzi wear so bright?

1. Stick to the high waistline and optimize the proportion of upper and lower body

From Yangzis clothing, you can see that once you improve the waistline, you can also become the pony 2.0 version, both sexy and enchanting.

In addition, Japanese short T with a strong sense of design skirt can achieve the same effect, but also full of retro charm, gentle and lovely, but also do not lose the female sex appeal.

Knock on the blackboard. When choosing this kind of single, the tiny fat fairies should try to choose the ones with strong contour lines, so as to weaken the relatively smooth lines of our bodies to a great extent.

For the skirt with design sense, the color and shape are very important. Try not to choose some silk style, so the fabric close to the body will easily expose our body defects,

As for the color, chubby girls might as well choose some color contrast styles, which can also achieve the visual effect of thin Oh.

2. Be good at using accessories to improve the delicacy

In fact, most of the high-end clothing is not supported by high-end clothing because most of them rely on high-end accessories,

Therefore, the selection of accessories must be as much as possible to make up for the lack of wear. And the choice of accessories should also be selected according to the specific collocation, which depends on the different styles of fairies.

Yoko is wearing a colorful and avant-garde color contrast dress. Whats missing from this suit? The avant-garde style of dress tends to be pompous. If it is just a skirt, it will make the whole dress look strange,

Like Yoko, we should choose according to the specific style as much as possible, and the choice of accessories can be bold and unlimited. In short, the specific situation is analyzed. Just remember one sentence firmly - jewelry in hand, exquisite I have.

3. Bold color contrast to break the dullness

The word color contrast has suddenly become popular in recent years, so we fat fairies have to keep up with fashion! So how to color contrast? Or how to make it look good? This has higher requirements for fairies color perception.

But today, Xiaobian came with a method. First of all, color matching is divided into the same color system and different color system. In short, it means that the color is similar, either darker or lighter. This kind of collocation has two words: advanced.

As for the collocation of different colors, the principle is only two words - bold. If youre bold enough, you can be the next fashion blogger. This kind of contrast is not only suitable for summer dresses, but also for our autumn and winter looks.

Color matching in summer, you are a little sweetheart. In winter, you will immediately become the imperial sister. When choosing such items, you should pay attention to the overall feeling of color,

It is suggested that you go to the physical store to see and try more. The net chart may be tinted, so the products purchased will be unsatisfactory. The same color of Yoko, fairies can be appropriate reference, after all, only choose their own to call the best.

4. Temperament suit, gentle and pleasant

When searching for Yangzis wardrobe, Xiaobian finds that Yangzi also has a lot of suits. Such suits are mainly concentrated in autumn and winter. On the basis of suits, you may as well match a small suit. In this way, you can not only retain the gentle temperament of the original suit, but also achieve the purpose of preventing cold and keeping warm, which is warm without losing the general.

There are three reasons why Xiaobian recommends a suit: first of all, the so-called temperament suit is literally known. The style is of course closely related to temperament. This kind of suit can never be wrong.

If you choose a suit of moderate skirt length, it can not only have the effect of covering meat, but also can not lose a little sexy at the same time of temperament.

Secondly, this kind of suit does not need fairies to make great efforts in color matching. As long as the suits are selected well, the later matching will also save a lot of effort;

Last but not least, temperament suits are suitable for many occasions, so they are versatile and not easy to make mistakes. They are very suitable for daily appearance.

5. Confident attitude is the most important

So, although this society still has unwritten constraints on womens appearance, is it not ourselves that binds us?

The beautiful girl who faces the social network all day long feels that it is the ideal type. She forces herself to diet and wear clothes that are out of tune. However, she knows that she is already exhausted under layers of packages,

Finally, I will give you a confident smile from Yangzi. I hope everyone who sees this article will not be malicious to himself. We are born equal, as long as we are healthy, so even if we are fat, why not? Well, this is all for todays chubby and eye-catching clothes. Thank you for your attention.