The old peoples square dance competition suddenly fell to the ground and died

 The old peoples square dance competition suddenly fell to the ground and died

Heartache! An old man in Luocheng took part in the square dance competition and died on the stage

Another video shows that, after the incident, on the stage, medical staff examined and treated the fallen.

A performer cant get up. Video capture

After verification, the incident in the video occurred in Luocheng Mulao Autonomous County. On September 28, Luocheng held the sixth Qun Wen square dance competition. The background curtain shows that the organizer of the event is the Bureau of culture, radio, television, sports and tourism of Luocheng Mulao Autonomous County, the organizer is the cultural center of Luocheng Mulao Autonomous County, and the co organizer is the Senior Sports Association of Luocheng Mulao Autonomous County.

The rescue was invalid and the game was cancelled temporarily

According to a person who participated in the competition that day, the square dance competition is a relatively large local event, attracting many square dance enthusiasts to participate. On that day, more than 50 teams participated in the competition, including both the elderly and the young. The competition started at noon, and the event of the competitor falling down occurred in the afternoon.

Another person familiar with the matter said that the person who fell to the ground was an old man who had retired and died after falling due to ineffective rescue.

It is reported that due to the sudden incident, the event organizers stopped that afternoon and cancelled the relevant competition and award-winning activities.

When the old man fell to the ground, other dancers stopped performing and surrounded her. Video capture

Doctors suggest that patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis should carefully participate in square dance exercise. In addition, if square dance lovers feel unwell during the exercise, they should immediately stop the exercise, and those who are serious should go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

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