Interview with Hu Mingxuan

 Interview with Hu Mingxuan

In an exclusive interview with Netease sports, Hu Mingxuan said that being the captain of the mens basketball team was an incentive for him. As a member of the top ten, he has a different view in the face of pressure. As for Du Fengs strict style of instruction, he expressed respect rather than fear.

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Interview with Hu Mingxuan (source: Netease sports)

Netease Sports: as the leader of this training team, what is the feeling of being called up by the national training team this time? What are your goals?

Hu Mingxuan: first of all, the training team is very grateful to the entire coaching group, including the Basketball Association, for me to be the leader of this training team. It is also an inspiration and an experience for me. Because in the new national training team, I have played in the CBA for three years. I am not the youngest, but I am older in them. For me, its not only better for me to organize the team, but also for the next one.

After coming here, as a captain, I have a heavier burden. I have a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission in the national team, which urges me to lead you more united and protect the team like a big family. Although my goal is in this short 20 days, I still want to learn something from it, which is more ideological improvement. The things arranged and said by the coach on the court should be kept in mind. If you bring it to the club, you have to ask yourself according to the standard of the national team. Its my own feeling.

Netease Sports: who is the idol of your national team? Or who is the player you want to learn the most.

Hu Mingxuan: the idol of the national team. I think many people are. I believe most athletes learn from United. Because of his performance in the club, in the national team I think its United brother. I believe its an example for many people to learn from. His fighting spirit on the field, like his age or every ball, on the court is this unreserved attitude, is everyones example.

Including he played the back game in the club, he also has to play with injuries, set a good example for our young people, like a pillar. United were also injured in the back, but the team won the game in the end. His spirit is worth learning. It is also hoped that United can recover as soon as possible and return to the field as soon as possible.

Netease Sports: who is your favorite player in international basketball?

Hu Mingxuan: in the international basketball arena, I think I heard about the Spanish golden boy Rubio when I was a young boy in the third team of the club. At that time, he participated in international competitions at the age of 18, and heard about him at that time. Later, I grew up a little bit and watched him play very freely. Although he didnt have good athletic talent and physical fitness, he was very mature in reading and handling the ball on the court, and the whole Spanish team played very smoothly. I think he is a player I admire very much. I can also learn a lot from him and deal with the ball. Because he is closer to some Chinese players who are not in good physical fitness, but can play some efficient and amazing performances, he is a player I often appreciate.

Netease Sports: what kind of opportunity do you decide to take basketball as your career?

Hu Mingxuan: it should be said that when I graduated from primary school, there was an opportunity in Xinjiang. My father took me to participate in Du Feng training camp. There was such an opportunity in Dus training camp. At the end of the summer, Du told my dad whether he wanted to join the professional team and come to Guangdong. At that time, I also love basketball and I like basketball very much. My dad also wanted me to take the career path, and he was very supportive of me at that time. So when I came to Guangdong, it was not easy to enter the professional team training step by step. I had such an opportunity in Xinjiang.

Netease Sports: as a young player, you are a very promising member of the national team. If you play for the ten crown club like Guangdong, will the pressure be particularly great? How to resolve the pressure?

Hu Mingxuan: I think first of all, I am very lucky to be able to experience myself in such an excellent team, including the national team. So I think there will be pressure. I believe it is more to turn this pressure into motivation. Because when you are on the court, dont think too much about the off-site factors and enjoy the game. I think its normal for young players to try and show themselves on the field. Even if you make a mistake, you can summarize it by yourself through the video below. The most important thing is, how to keep a normal heart, dont give yourself too much pressure.

Netease Sports: the video of coach Du Fengs suspension has been spread all over the major social networking sites, and you have been in the camera many times. Are you afraid of him? Is he the same off the court?

Hu Mingxuan: I think Dus strict instructions on the field should be understood correctly for our players. Because as a coach, he said to you directly in such a fast-paced game on the court in very direct language. I think its his expectation for you. I think its something that needs me to transpose my position and understand. As for being afraid of him, I think it is a kind of respect from the coach and the players. His coach has pointed out the problem to you, you just need to sum up modestly, you need to go on the court and make changes. I think its normal. We need to understand it correctly.

He is always like a brother off the court. He is always joking with our players when they have nothing to do. He is also a very responsible and warm coach off the field. Because he will make fun of you or tease you according to your performance on the field, including your mentality and your heart, and he will be very harmonious off the field. Off the court, he has a totally different style from that on the court.

Netease Sports: what are the plans for the off-season? What improvement will be focused on?

Hu Mingxuan: first of all, the off-season of this year is also very short. Due to the epidemic situation, the League ended late, and the new league will start soon. So this off-season, I think, is to bring back to the club the harvest of these 20 days in the national training team, including some ideological and physical gains. I think it is more of an ideological improvement. Because this time I was selected as the team leader of the Chinese mens basketball team, I have a stronger sense of responsibility and mission. I can take it back to the club to constantly urge myself and give myself a high target to spur myself. What needs to be improved is my body, because my strength is still suffering from some strong confrontation. I think my strength still needs to be strengthened. How to better organize everyone on the field and how to deal with the ball need to be improved constantly.

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