The list of gold stocks of securities companies came in October, and this white horse stock which rose sharply in September was recommended

 The list of gold stocks of securities companies came in October, and this white horse stock which rose sharply in September was recommended

Although the market performance in September was poor, especially before the festival, the market was relatively cold. However, the institutions did not seem to be pessimistic about the next market situation. Tianfeng Securities pointed out that after the market adjustment before the festival, the probability of the market facing reversal after the festival was higher.

So how to connect the next market layout for ordinary investors, the gold stocks recommended by securities companies in October may be used as a reference.

Sany Heavy Industry this months rise can be called strong, in the overall market in the adjustment state, the stock monthly increase of more than 12%, in a number of white horse stocks is particularly eye-catching.

Anxin securities research paper pointed out that although the companys profitability continued to improve, cash flow reached a record high, the performance of the Zhongbao was excellent. However, from the perspective of medium and short-term perspective, the construction machinery industry is expected to maintain a high boom due to the resonance of the upward economic cycle and the reasonable anti cyclical fiscal policy. The company benefits from the increase of market share, the recovery of export growth rate and the improvement of intelligent digital level, and its future performance is expected to maintain rapid growth.

It is worth noting that the companys industry is still in a high boom. According to CICC Research Report, in the medium and long term, the construction machinery industry is expected to maintain a small growth in the next two years, of which road machinery will maintain a compound growth rate of 5% - 10%, and non road machinery will be high and stable.

In addition, Wuliangye, dangsheng technology, Jindi group and Zhongding shares were recommended relatively frequently, and both were recommended by two securities companies.

For the next market, Zheshang securities research paper pointed out that from the market dimension of 1-2 quarters, the market gradually stepped into the window of doing more, and the overall structure was that bank stocks set up the stage, and technology stocks sang drama. Looking forward to the fourth quarter, bank stocks are expected to usher in valuation repair market. Among them, the core driving factor is the recovery of macro-economy, and the easing of profit pressure and fund position change in the fourth quarter will be the catalytic factors. In the next 1-2 quarters, science and technology will turn to be optimistic. In the layout direction, the military industry will be the one with the oversold and the upward boom. The semiconductor industry will be expected to repair the oversold boom, and photovoltaic and electric vehicles will be the main ones in the high boom.

Soochow securities is relatively cautious about the future market. In the Research Report on September 30, Soochow securities research paper pointed out that the overall follow-up market will still be dominated by weak shocks, and the market will focus more on structural market. From the perspective of industry configuration, the layout can be carried out according to three major ideas:

The first way of thinking is to pay close attention to the industries and companies whose performance has been improved continuously;

The third way of thinking is to focus on the leading companies in the field of science and technology growth. The high landscape and high growth rate make it able to quickly digest the current overvalued value.

Source of this article: Zhang Mei, editor in charge of CFA_ NF2100