When it comes to holidays, I is not easy to manage

 When it comes to holidays, I is not easy to manage

Managing your time is an ability.

The highest level of this ability is to live as you want every day. Looking back on my vacation, I dont feel regret for wasting my time, and Im not ashamed of my mediocrity. I just feel comfortable. This is my ability.

But it takes years of self-awareness and practice to acquire this ability.

This is especially important. Dont imagine that you should be able to manage your time when you are young.

Most people know but cant do it

Some people clearly want to learn, but they cant help playing games; others, on the contrary, want to play games but cant help but feel remorse and anxiety; worse still, they will be accused of fighting every day

It takes ten years of experience to straighten out these conflicts.

Until then, it was normal that every holiday would be tangled.

Obviously, I have a lot of time to arrange freely, but how to arrange it is not pleasant. Almost everyone has such troubles, and you dont have to expect to get rid of them immediately.

Although you cant get rid of it quickly, you still need to work hard to improve this ability.

Here are some tips:

In terms of mentality, you dont have to ask for any achievements in a holiday

Think of it as an experiment and take this opportunity to observe how you manage your time

Experiment is a metaphor I particularly like.

Since its an experiment, we allow all kinds of attempts and mistakes.

In any case, the damage caused by the experiment is limited, and all the losses are within the controllable range. -- the big deal is just a few days vacation, not the whole life. What if we mess it up?

Moreover, to be precise, there is no screw up theory.

As long as it helps us understand who we are, whatever results are good.

Dont blame yourself. This result is used to help you understand yourself.

Youll learn that you dont want to read and study as you think. To put it bluntly, you have something more interesting.

Maybe you just prefer to run outside, or enjoy chatting with friends, or you will get more fun from games or TV series Its your nature.

No matter what others say, they think you should or shouldnt do, but you are you.

You have to accept the discovery that you are you.

You may also learn that there are things you dont like but have to do.

You have to learn to find the right balance and allocate time to the things you have to do.

Its also part of time management.

Doing these things may bring you irritability or unhappiness. Its normal that you should explore some effective ways to deal with these emotions.

Learn to ask for help and supervision when necessary

Again, dont expect to have enough time management skills now, you are still exploring.

Thats part of you.

Even if we realize this, this holiday will not be wasted.

Every holiday, they are in a dilemma.

Understanding the above principles can also help parents.

Think of childrens time management as a developing ability.

What parents can do is to support his development:

The simplest way of support is to give the child room for trial and error, without interference or restriction, and let him decide everything.

Challenge something beyond his ability, and the result will not be satisfactory.

What can we be proud of to prove this conclusion? Youre trying to help him build confidence, not to undermine his confidence.

So its still an experimental mentality.

But only by acknowledging these characteristics can you and your child find ways to deal with them.

You may be worried: what if he delays something particularly important?

If it is really important, you should remember to remind and take responsibility for him for the time being.

But you know the direction of childrens growth. Sooner or later, you will be responsible for it.

So create opportunities from time to time, such as this kind of vacation, so that he has a little more time to exercise his ability - in other words, more time to screw up.

Try to increase our ability every time we mess up. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.


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