I love people, just do not love me

 I love people, just do not love me

In order to relieve the pressure of high school students, I went to high school to relieve the pressure. As a fan of horror stories, he has many related books, so I often borrow them from him, and he is very willing to share them with me every time. As long as a new story comes out, he will always share it with me at the first time. Then I think that I should be very special in his heart!

High school that meeting we are really very simple, every day together noisy, will make people feel particularly happy. I dont know when I began to have a good impression on him. I only know that when the arts and sciences are divided into different classes, I can understand my intention. When I cant see him, I always think of him, think of his warmth, and think of every word he said.

Because we went to different classes, we usually get along less, but every time a new storybook comes out, he will show me. Except in different classrooms, we are still not very different from before. People around us tease us that we are in love. At the beginning, I will retort, but there are many people who say that we are in love. I believe that he must be with me I like me and feel that I am the most special existence there.

One day later, he told me that he was in love. At that moment, I really couldnt believe that he liked me at all. In his eyes, I was just a person with the same hobby. He didnt love me at all.

Although it has been a long time, but he is really the first person I like, so for the people I love, just do not love me this point of view, I always remember deeply!