Used to contain all of you, but also contained your break-up

 Used to contain all of you, but also contained your break-up

Our love process is like an idol drama, very Yan control of me, see you at the first sight, I want to have with you later. You are not my first, but the one I want to have in my life. Before I met you, all my love was held in the palm of my hand. If I said something irresponsible, I probably didnt really pay my heart in the previous love. I just thought that person was very good to me, and that person was good, so I just wanted to have a try. So even if the break-up did not leave much pain, just a small regret, but I did not think that I would be planted in your hands, is this the so-called retribution?

I have always been a very insecure person, you are really very kind, too many people like you. Although the people around me always say that I am also excellent, and say that I am well matched with you, I am always worried about the gains and losses. Every time you leave my sight, I feel uncomfortable. How much do I love you? Every cell in my body is expressing this love.

In order to be with you better, I gave up a good job and left many cherished friends. Because of the fear of losing you, I can only suppress myself, do what you like to do, no matter how uncomfortable, but will still let myself cooperate with you. Every time something happens, I always take it all to myself. I dont want you to work harder. Every time I quarrel I will tolerate you, I dare not vent with you, can only hide in the heart. Until now, I cant understand why these cowards will become the reason why you want to leave me.

Break up when you are really cruel ah, everything is broken clean, even the chance to change has not been left to me. People around me advised me to come out, they said that the person who loves lowly will never get the same love and will only be hurt more. But they dont know, cant fall in love with you is my most painful thing, if I can look at it, how can I be so humble.

They said we didnt come to the end because you didnt love me enough, but I dont think so and I dont want to accept it. Whenever you look back, I will be in place, I tolerate your break-up, of course, also look forward to your return. Can you turn around and tell them that you love me too? Can we have a future? If not, please dont appear in my world.