I lost you more than a beggar. How painful it is

 I lost you more than a beggar. How painful it is

Now I didnt expect that the joke at that time would hit the mark.

We met at an event. You were wearing casual clothes that day. In a group of formal people, it was really funny, but people had to look into you carefully. I still remember that I just lifted my eyes a little, as if I was surprised by you. You are so handsome that I cant take my eyes off you because you exude a fascination from the beginning to the end. That day was the first time I took the initiative to inquire about the contact information of a stranger. It was also the first time that I took the initiative to add a strange opposite sex.

I think it must be my head is too good-looking, so although I do not know, you still passed my friend verification. I said I was so and so, you mercilessly said no impression, but I did not shrink back, but from time to time brush in front of you a sense of existence. Through your circle of friends, I know a lot about you, and then I have made several encounters, and I gradually get acquainted with you.

Every day we spent together was sweet and noisy, but there was no big problem. Everything was so smooth, until you went out of town because of your work, and we started to live in different places. I am an extremely insecure person, so I always worry about gains and losses, and finally lost you. You cant stand it, so you break up.

After I broke up, the whole world seems to have lost its light. You are like the last sunshine in my life. After leaving, I fell into boundless darkness. At the moment, I really feel, what is lose your me, than beggars, how deep pain..