A mothers teaching words, worth thousands of gold! (compulsory for parents)

 A mothers teaching words, worth thousands of gold! (compulsory for parents)

The difference between the nobility and the nouveau riche is whether they understand the truth.

So no matter how rich you are, no matter where you are,

They all need to understand the Tao and learn morality,

Only in this way can you be happy, healthy and long-lived.

2. Dont try to make a perfect friend, and dont make many friends. There is no perfect in the world, so make friends as you like. When things go too far, they will lose their original intention and make too many friends.

3. Help others, you will be strong. All things interact with each other. Helping others means helping yourself, and helping others will bring you happiness.

5. You are my daughter when you are admitted to university; you are also my daughter when you sweep the road; as long as you keep noble personality, sweeping the road can also sweep out a bright and pure world. No matter what work, as long as integrity is bright, the mother will not care about her daughters high and low, only care about the purity of her daughters soul.

6. There are 59 points in the examination room of the school, and it is not allowed to fail in the examination room of life. The examination room of the school will examine your knowledge, which is related to your further education; the examination room of life will examine your morality, which is related to your destiny.

8. Love is a beautiful and turbulent spray. When your young oars cant bear the rough waves, you should avoid it carefully.

In the ocean of life, love is a beautiful spray, and at the same time, it is a kind of responsibility. When we are not mature, we can not bear it at all.

9. You have to learn a specialty. With a specialty, you will have a sense of accomplishment.

10. If you make a mistake once, try not to make it again. Learn to learn from them.

11. To like your personality, it is a unique treasure.

12. Sometimes an ancient poem is more useful than a foreign word. An ancient poem can represent thousands of feelings.

14. Its not that you cant lie, but if youre good, you cant cover up for evil.

15. Mother is not Superman, can not meet all your requirements, you want to live a happy life must learn to be content.

16. Mother is mother. She has irreplaceable responsibilities. Dont confuse her with her friends.

17. Health comes first. When people fall down, everything is gone.

18. Cry when you want to, its for health. But pay attention to find a suitable occasion.

20. Be clear about your life goals as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will not know what is right and what is wrong; your behavior is blind.

21. Small problems can lead to big trouble. Details determine success or failure. Dont do it with good or evil.

22. You should know: the tone of speech is much more important than the content..

Laziness is a kind of harm to body and mind, and procrastination is always a bad habit.

25. Learn to protect yourself and avoid accidental injuries as much as possible.

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