May life be interesting and hopeful, without disaster or difficulty

 May life be interesting and hopeful, without disaster or difficulty

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When you shine, you should be safe.

You will eventually find that what you need is not a heterosexual, but a communicative soul.

People who like you are always free, they know everything and can do anything.

May life be interesting and hopeful, without disaster or difficulty.

There has never been a love separated from material things in the world, nor can there be a man who loves you but doesnt want to spend money for you.

All people are just ordinary people, and those who look bright are just more diligent than ordinary people.

Warm tips: when you cry, your brain will secrete endocarpin to reduce your pain, equivalent to your brain gently patting your back and saying: its OK, everything will be OK.

In fact, the world is also good at creating surprises occasionally. We will encounter gentle things, gentle people, and do not have to be too nervous about the world. After all, everything has a way back, just like planets belong to the universe. I hope I can find you too.

@Anonymity: at that time, when I was about to graduate from primary school, I dreamt of my favorite boy one night, and passed by me with his girlfriend 10 years later. And now Im 20, Im with the boy in those days. Its strange that I look exactly like his girlfriend in my dream, and so is his boyfriend.

@Watermelon summer: dream of their hands into a brush, the sky into a Sketchpad, you can draw in the sky, and a picture of the mobile phone photos can be read back and forth, but also dream of the sky full of stars, suddenly under the meteor shower, but in reality a meteor has not been seen.

So, lets talk about today. What interesting dreams have you had?

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What interesting dreams have you had?

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