After her husband cheated, she divorced with her three children, sent flyers in the street, recycled old clothes, and finally attacked her

 After her husband cheated, she divorced with her three children, sent flyers in the street, recycled old clothes, and finally attacked her

She is a single mother. After her divorce, in order to make money to take care of her children, she worked day and night, drinking, socializing, traveling and working overtime.

Because she can not rely on anyone, can only rely on themselves to give children a better life.

Seeing this, I feel a little sad. This is one of the reasons why many women are so cruel to divorce

This reminds me of Japan before there was a very strong single mother, Machang ganaizi.

After reading her story, we will find out how great the potential of a woman is. As long as you work hard, sometimes you can really create miracles.

Her ex husband was a college classmate.

In school, her ex husband chased her and tried every means to be nice to her. He often sent breakfast downstairs of her dormitory. Besides being moved, ganaizi gradually fell in love with him and accepted his pursuit.

At that time, ganaizi was a stranger, indulged in his love, gave birth to three children at a young age, and became a housewife at home.

However, it didnt last long. When she was just 30 years old, she suddenly found that her husband was cheating.

The news was like a bolt from the blue. Ganaizi was stunned on the spot. He worked hard to take care of the children at home, especially after giving birth to the third child. Her husband actually had an affair.

Grievances, unwillingness, anger, regret... All kinds of emotions surged into her mind. She almost collapsed. Her husband confessed his mistake in front of her, saying that he was just confused for a while, and promised that he would not commit it again.

Ha ha, confused for a while? Ganaizi didnt believe him this time and decided to divorce directly.

At that time, ganaizi had no job and had no high education background. However, as a mother, she was reluctant to leave her three children behind, so she tried to win the custody of the children.

But in Japan, its a small matter for a woman to get custody, and its hard for a man to pay for it, because theres no law that men have to pay for it.

A 30-year-old single mother with three children beside her. Her son has just been born and her two daughters are under 5 years old. It is impossible to find a stable job.

But four people always have to live, rent a house for money, water and electricity for money, eat money, dress money

All of these expenses were on her own. She had to go out and earn money to support her three children. So she started to launch flyers in the street.

The money for handing out leaflets was pitifully small. In order to earn more living expenses, ganaizi had to carry his little son out at dawn every day. However hot it was at noon, he was not willing to buy a bottle of water to drink.

In the evening, when the children are asleep, she has to go out again, because at this time the overtime workers are off work, she can also send out a few more leaflets.

At the end of such a day, ganezi stood with backache and was exhausted to death, but his monthly income was only 30000 yen (about 1900 yuan).

With this meager income, the family lives in a small rental house. In order to save gas costs, it is a luxury for them to eat white rice, hot dishes and meat at night.

Not only do they have to save food and water and electricity. Even in hot summer, they take a bath every three days. They dont turn on the lights at night and light a candle for lighting.

She thought that no matter how hard or tired she was, she would insist on and bring up the child.

Her first job was to sell insurance. Although her income was not very high, it was much better than before. She could improve the childrens diet and add some new clothes to them.

However, when the children were going to school one by one, she began to have unprecedented pressure.

The tuition fees in Japan are very expensive. It will cost a lot of money just for school uniform. Its hard to afford her salary. She has to find a more profitable job to do.

After thinking hard, ganaizi had a bold idea: quit and start a business.

A 30-year-old single mother, no background, no resources, no mine at home, actually want to start a business?

After her resignation letter was handed in, the leader told her directly: your business is impossible to succeed.

But ganezi had no other way to go. If she didnt make a fight, she really didnt know how to provide for the three children.

Her idea is to open a second-hand school uniform shop, because she believes that there are many poor families in Japan, like their families, who are not willing to buy expensive new school uniforms. At this time, second-hand school uniforms are the best choice.

So ganaizi loaned 3 million yen (about 190000 yuan) and rented a small cheap shop.

After having a shop, how to collect these school uniforms is also a problem. She takes the simplest and most troublesome method, which is to ask from door to door.

She patiently explained to every family that she ran a second-hand uniform store. If there were school uniforms that she didnt use, she could buy them in her store if necessary.

After numerous closed doors, ganaizi began to look for other channels to obtain the old school uniform, such as printing some leaflets and distributing them not far from the school.

The price is very cheap, less than 10% of the original price.

A coat of 30000 yen (about 1900 yuan) is only 2380 yen (about 150 yuan) in her shop, and it looks very new and cant be broken at all.

Relying on the low price, ganaizis school uniform shop gradually began to have business, her service attitude is also very good, to each customer is very warm, therefore also gradually has the word of mouth.

She proved that she was right. There are many families in Japan who need these cheap second-hand school uniforms.

A few years later, the middle-aged single mother became a rich female boss. Her shop expanded to nearly 50 stores, including not only school uniforms, but also other kinds of clothes.

That year, the annual sales of her brand chain reached 65 million yen (about 4.2 million yuan).

The hardships of starting a business know that ganaizi knows that she cant sleep in the middle of the night countless times, thinking whether to give up, but for the sake of her three children, she persevered.

When she became the boss, the first thing she wanted to do was to help some single mothers with their jobs.

She was invited by Shinzo Abe to Tokyo to receive awards, and won the annual womens challenge special sector Award in Japan, and was awarded the outstanding entrepreneurship Award for female entrepreneurs by the American Chamber of Commerce.

As a single mother with three children, ganaizi can realize the reversal of her life by her own hands and labor, and help so many mothers solve the employment problem. It is really admirable.

You never know how tough a mother can be for her children, what kind of miracle can be created.

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