Stunned! A securities company requires employees to return the Mid Autumn Festival benefits issued 3 years ago!

 Stunned! A securities company requires employees to return the Mid Autumn Festival benefits issued 3 years ago!

Return the Mid Autumn Festival benefits issued three years ago

The official account of WeChat public in September 30th was vigorous as hill. A broker asked employees to return the Mid Autumn Festival benefits many years ago.

Under the news, many messages said it was true, and some netizens said that the a securities company was Zhejiang securities.

And fund gentleman also found complete information content.

Some netizens said that the employees who have left their jobs cant help it, but the retired employees have to return the money However, it has also been disclosed that those who leave the company have to pay back.

Some people feel that the loss is miserable: the key is to send the card, return the cash... I have seen the movie ticket before... Blood loss

Why is there such an operation? There are also netizens analysis in the comment area.

Some netizens also said that article 4 of the detailed rules for the implementation of strengthening and standardizing the management of income and expenditure of basic level trade unions by the Federation of trade unions of Zhejiang Province: in principle, consolation articles are some daily necessities that are in line with the Chinese traditional festival customs and the workers and the masses, and shall not purchase articles that are explicitly prohibited by the relevant provisions on the construction of a clean and honest government. Fourth, the voucher does not conform to the provisions of Article 4.

Some netizens said: Jingdong card is nothing. Our securities company sent the moon cakes made by the canteen before, and now we ask for cash return. It is really impossible to prevent

Employee benefits can be paid, but the use of union fees should not be too arbitrary

Because the consequences are serious

Prior to this, the all China Federation of trade unions issued the supplementary notice on strengthening the management of the income and expenditure of the funds of the grass-roots trade unions, which made more specific provisions for some practical problems, so as to facilitate the grass-roots operation.

The all China Federation of trade unions believes that while fighting corruption, we should actively promote the normal welfare of ordinary workers, especially front-line workers, improve the collective welfare of employees such as accommodation, dining and medical treatment, increase the assistance and assistance to the workers in difficulty, and other employee welfare according to regulations.

What benefits can employees have?

But these expenses can not be included

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