Dont listen to those rumors any more, Irwin clarified

 Dont listen to those rumors any more, Irwin clarified

On the podcast, Irwin was asked the question: who will take the final shot with 10 seconds left and the team one point behind?

Irwin replied, it depends on who we (Durant) felt better that night. You can pick and roll. Ive always been confident about that, and I think Im the best choice for the last shot in every team Ive been in. And playing with KD made me feel, for the first time, that when I look at my teammates, I can be very relieved because he can do the same with the ball I can throw

Owens expression will obviously make many fans dissatisfied, which is more or less considered disrespectful to his former teammates, especially Irwin, who has played with LeBron. Immediately, there are also media statistics that Irwin and LeBron partner, LeBrons key ball hit rate, this number reached 42%, and corresponding, Irving only 36.7%.

No matter what Irwin thinks in his mind, this time he recorded a video to explain it. Obviously, Irwin hopes that the incident can be calmed down. Maybe he didnt mean to do it.