Did the Taiwan authorities talk hard again?

 Did the Taiwan authorities talk hard again?

Since CCTV released the list of performers for the National Day special program, Taiwans Mainland Affairs Committee has publicly described Taiwan artists participation in the performance as helping the mainland carry out united front propaganda against Taiwan, and threatened to impose a maximum fine of NT $500000 on the performers Ouyang Nana and Zhang Shaohan in accordance with the so-called cross strait regulations.

In addition to the threat from the Mainland Affairs Committee, Su Zhenchang, Taiwans Premier, also said in a provocative manner: some people enjoy Taiwans resources and go to the mainland to sing inappropriate songs. The people have their own public comments.

However, the follow-up press release issued by the Mainland Affairs Commission on the 30th did not mention the issue of fine. It only expressed high regret and close attention and took no arbitrary use of public power as an excuse. Xu Zhijie, the legislator of the DPP, said that punishment is the last resort. He hoped that the people would make self-control and not become a model of the United Front to smooth out the harsh words.

As soon as the news came out, many netizens in Taiwan mocked the Mainland Affairs Commission and other institutions and politicians for barking dogs dont bite people and the head of a tiger kills the tail..

In an interview, Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe commented that Ouyang Nana incident is the tip of the iceberg, which means that cross-strait relations continue to deteriorate. Later, he also ridiculed the Mac and Su Zhenchang, saying that they should keep their words and deeds consistent and not go around by themselves, and we cant make it clear..

Previously reported: another threat! Taiwan media: according to the source, if Taiwanese artists insist on singing at CCTVs National Day Gala, the DPP authorities intend to conduct an administrative investigation.

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In response to the incident that Ouyang Nana and Zhang Shaohan will sing at CCTVs National Day Gala, the Taiwan Mainland Affairs Commission announced that it would pay close attention to the relevant situation and investigate and deal with violations of relevant provisions of cross-strait regulations in accordance with the law. According to the relevant regulations of the central government, a fine of more than NT $500000 may be imposed on a person who violates the latest regulations of the central government.

According to the report, people familiar with the situation said on the 28th that the DPP authorities had been calling for not to go there, but persistently to participate in the performance after the appeal was knowingly committed. As for whether there is any violation of the law, the DPP authorities will conduct necessary administrative investigation according to the content of subsequent performances.

In response, some netizens on the island criticized green terror on Facebook, while others said, officials of the DPP can earn RMB, and Taiwan people are not allowed to earn RMB. if they are afraid that others will go out to make money, why not review Taiwans environment?

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In addition to Taiwans Mainland Affairs Commission, Taiwans ettoday news cloud reported that Taiwans Cultural Department responded on the evening of 27, claiming that according to relevant regulations, Taiwan people are not allowed to cooperate with mainland people, legal persons, organizations or institutions in political content without the permission of the competent authorities. Taiwans cultural department also claimed that the Mainland Affairs Commission had also launched an investigation into the incident of Taiwanese artists singing inappropriate songs in the mainland to find out whether they violated the relevant provisions of the cross-strait regulations. If the Mainland Affairs Commission determines that the relevant behavior involves the matters in charge of the cultural department, the cultural department will also cooperate with the legal disposal.

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Ouyang Nanas performance of the song my motherland with other artists at the National Day Party of the 11th is still fermenting in the island society. As a result, Taiwan Netizens found that Taiwanese artists, including Lin Zhiling, Qi Yu, Zhang Xinzhe, Fei Yuqing, Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang, had sung similar patriotic songs on different occasions.

The Pro Green media on the island began to turn their muzzle to the mainland pianist Lang Lang, claiming that he had humiliated the Americans by playing my motherland in the White House.