Morris: thick eyebrow is the best emperor in the world

 Morris: thick eyebrow is the best emperor in the world

LeBron said there was never jealousy between him and Davis. Jealousy and jealousy kill a lot of great causes, not just in sports, but in many industries, he says. But we never envy each other. When two players who could have been the top players in other teams play together, jealousy creeps in. But its not going to be like that between Davis and me. Weve been working hard to achieve a common goal

Davis also said there was no jealousy in the team. When you have two guys who are very unselfish and eager to win, everything else disappears, he said. Jealousy never exists in our team

In the history of NBA, there are many excellent teams destroyed because of mutual jealousy of core players, but this Laker team is extremely United. As the top star in todays League, LeBron has selfless quality and super leadership. Davis is a strong individual and has always been a big fan of LeBron. As a result, there is no discord in LeBron and Davis.

At the moment, the Lakers have a good chance of winning this seasons championship. The fmvp is expected to take place between LeBron and Davis. No matter which one of them gets the award, the other player will definitely be happy for the other side from the bottom of his heart.