Carling Cup - Lionel saves 2 penalty and Arsenal beat Liverpool 5-4 on penalty

 Carling Cup - Lionel saves 2 penalty and Arsenal beat Liverpool 5-4 on penalty

In the seventh minute, Arsenal played a quick counterattack. Pepes left side of the front court ran into the forbidden area with the ball and then hit it horizontally. Willock stopped the ball too much, but the ball fell right in front of nkatiya on the right side of the forbidden area. However, he adjusted too much and the ball was saved by Adrian. The first 12 minutes, if tower with the ball into the left side of the penalty area, the middle of the gruic shot but failed to play.

The first 15 minutes, nano Tuoshi grab the ball fierce shovel Saka, the referee showed him the games first yellow card. In the 16th minute, Arsenals free kick was sent into the penalty area. Cedrics right side took the ball and swept in front of the door. The referee gave a whistle to punish Pepe at the front of the forbidden area for offensive fouls.

In the 25th minute, Saka was dragged by n-williams when he broke through the left with the ball in the front court, but the referee thought that there was no foul, which made the gunner youngster very dissatisfied. The 34th minute, Jones front court right foot long-range shot, the ball was easily confiscated by the goalkeeper. One minute later, Pepe went out of the front court to the forbidden area. Gruic finished the tackle very clean on the forbidden area line. Nkatiya fell to the ground. The referee did not say anything.

In the 41st minute, sevarios started to pass near the arc in the middle circle. After taking the ball, enkaitia started to hit the door. The referees whistle sounded and judged offside first. In the 43rd minute, sevarios put down Ruota after losing his position. Fortunately, the foul was outside the forbidden area. The 45th minute, Ruota small restricted area left header attack, the ball was carried out by leno, nano Tuoshi close shot, the ball hit the beam under the pop-up.

At the end of the half-time, Liverpool and Arsenal made a 0-0 handshake.

Yi Bian again, the 46th minute, Liverpool left free kick to the forbidden area, gruic header to the goal, the ball higher than the crossbar. In the 50th minute, Liverpool were ready to fight back quickly. Zaca pulled gruic behind him and the referee showed him a yellow card. In the 52nd minute, Liverpools right corner was sent into the forbidden area. After gruic made a point, Van Dyke attacked the door with his instep outside, and the ball was confiscated by Leno. One minute later, Pepe got the ball in the front court and went into the forbidden area. He started to hit the door under the bag of four defensive players and failed to play strength.

The 61st minute, Liverpool in the middle circle arc near the long pass, the ball accurately found Ruota, the latter shot hard, the ball was saved by lino. A minute later, a corner kick from Liverpool was sent into the penalty area and lino saved the ball.

The 69th minute, Pepe left under the bottom pass, holdin small restricted area front header attack, the ball was saved by Adrian. In the 74th minute, Pepe broke through with the ball, causing Wilson to foul, and the referee showed a yellow card warning to the latter. In the 81st minute, Arsenal replaced nkatiya with lakazet. In the 83rd minute, Cedric swept the forbidden area near the left baseline, and the ball came to Pepes feet. The latter directly started to hit the goal, and the ball deviated from the left post.

In the second minute of stoppage time, Williams started a long-range shot from the outside of the restricted area, and the ball deflected out of the left post. At the end of the 90 minutes, Liverpool tied 0-0 at home, and the game went straight into the penalty shoot out.

Penalty shootout

In the first round, Milner sent the ball to the right side of the goal; lakazet played in the lower left corner of the goal, 1-1.

In the second round, vinaldu put the ball into the upper corner of the goal; Cedric played the upper right corner successfully, 2-2.

In the third round, Nanye Tuoshi cheated leno and shot the ball into the upper right corner of the goal; ernini was saved by Adrian in the middle, 3-2.

In the fifth round, Jones shot, leno judged the right direction, but failed to stop the ball into the net; Pepe pushed the lower left corner, 4-4.

In the sixth round, Wilsons penalty was saved by leno, and Willock achieved it in one stroke, 4-5.

At the end of the match, Arsenal beat Liverpool 5-4 on penalties

Name list of both parties:

Liverpool (4-3-3): 13 Adrian / 76 internal medicine Williams, Rees Williams, 4-van Dyck (6012-joe Gomes), 7-milner / 16-gruic, 17-curtis Jones, 59 Wilson / 18-toposhi NANNO, 20-ruota (765-vinaldum), 11-salah (6027-origi) Arsenal (4-3-3): 1-leno / 17-cedric Suarez, 3 1 - korachinatz, 16 - holdin, 6 - Gabriel / 8 - cervalos (6725 - ernini), 28 - Joseph Willock, 34 - zaca / 7 - SACA (8515 - Maitland - Niles), 19 - Nicolas Pepe, 30 - enkaitia (819 - lakazet) extended reading of arsenas door gods anti - Science range of the moon! 7 saves + 2 penalty kicks from Liverpool, j.j.los assists wear hat again! Eve Dun 4-1 promoted to Ansai for six consecutive League Cup wins in a row - Mata passes bogbas free kick, Manchester United 3-0 Brighton source: Netease sports Author: herbal tea editor: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656

Arsenal (4-3-3): 1-lino / 17-cedric Suarez, 31-krahinaz, 16 holdin, 6-gabriel / 8-sevaros (6725-ernini), 28 Joseph Willock, 34 zaca / 7-saca (8515-maitland Niles), 19 Nicolas Pepe, 30-enkaitia (819-lakazet)