The great migration started ahead of schedule. Some people didnt drive out of Guangdong overnight on the 29th

 The great migration started ahead of schedule. Some people didnt drive out of Guangdong overnight on the 29th

According to the official analysis released by the road safety office of Guangdong Province on September 28, it is expected that the road traffic flow in the area will continue to rise from 13:00 on September 30, and the peak will appear from 18:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on October 1, and a wave of peak travel will appear from 8:00 to 12:00 on October 1.

As for the return journey, according to the official forecast, the first peak of traffic flow will be ushered in the area as soon as 15:00 on October 5.

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the tourism industry has been significantly impacted.

According to the data of the State Council, during the May Day holiday, 115 million domestic tourists were received and 47.56 billion yuan of domestic tourism revenue was realized, only 50% of the same period last year.

However, the good news is that the long backlog of travel and travel demand will be released in the eight day National Day Mid Autumn Festival holiday which will officially open tomorrow.

According to the regular press conference of the Ministry of transport in September, the total traffic volume of the expressway network during the holiday will reach 408 million vehicles, and the average daily traffic volume of the national highway network is expected to increase by 1% - 3% year-on-year.

In terms of travel, on September 23, Ctrip tourism big data laboratory released the cost performance report of long vacation in 2020-11. According to the analysis of Ctrip, the number of tourists during the 8-day long holiday in Mid Autumn Festival this year may reach 600 million.

At the same time, in the special period when epidemic prevention and control can not be relaxed, the general office of the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the notice on doing a good job in 2020 national day, mid autumn festival culture and tourism holiday market work, which further specified that A-type scenic spots should continue to improve the ticket booking management system in accordance with the requirements of limit, pre appointment and staggered peak.

Nowadays, booking travel and off peak travel have become necessary skills.

In order to stimulate tourism demand, there are more than 1500 scenic spots free or discounted during the national holiday, including more than 400 Hubei scenic spots, more than 300 Inner Mongolia scenic spots, 400 Guizhou scenic spots, more than 130 Shanxi scenic spots, 138 Yunnan scenic spots, more than 80 Shandong scenic spots, more than 80 Xinjiang scenic spots, and more than 30 Gannan scenic spots.

Source: Ctrip big data

Source: Ctrip big data Lab

According to Baidu map data, the top 10 popular tourist attractions in 2020 are: Beijing Tiananmen Square, Hangzhou West Lake scenic spot, Shanghai Bund, Guangzhou tower, Jiaxing Wuzhen, Fenghuang ancient city in Western Hunan, Hongya cave in Chongqing, Confucius Temple in Nanjing, Pingyao ancient city in Jinzhong and the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Top 10 tourist attractions in China

It is worth mentioning that in Baidu map, Xian occupies 4 seats (Shaanxi History Museum, yongxingfang, Qin Shihuang terracotta warriors and horses, Dayan Pagoda), or become the most blocked travel destination.

National easy to block travel destination map source: Baidu map

Pearl River Delta becomes a key area of congestion

Although free passage is a good thing, it will inevitably further increase the pressure of high-speed traffic during the holidays.

Therefore, in order to avoid congestion, the combination of big data prediction can be used as an important reference for travel arrangement.

On the prediction of the trend of national high-speed travel congestion in 2020, the data of travel forecast report of 2020 National Day & Mid Autumn Festival holiday released by Baidu map shows that the national high-speed traffic flow began to increase significantly on September 30, and reached the peak at about 10:00 on October 1, and the high-speed traffic remained at a high level during the 8-day holiday.

High speed congestion trend map source: Baidu map

Among them, Guangdong Pearl River Delta will become a key area of congestion.

Therefore, off peak travel (early / delayed) is a good way to avoid congestion.

Baidu map predicts that in the top 10 congestion Expressway rankings this year, the cities and cities involved in the expressway in Guangdong Province will occupy 8 seats. Among them, Yunfu (East to west of g2518 Shenzhen Shenzhen Expressway), Heyuan (West to east of G25 Changshen Expressway) and Huizhou (south to north of G25 Changshen Expressway) rank among the top three. In addition to the Pearl River Delta, only Shanghai (S20 outer ring expressway from south to North) and Zhengzhou (Airport Expressway from north to South) are on the list.

Source: Baidu map

In terms of return journey, the highway sections easily blocked are mainly distributed in Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. In Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province (g0421 Xuguang expressway, West to East), (g0421 Xuguang expressway, north to South), and Dongguan City (g9411 guanfo expressway, east to West) are the top 3 Return easy blocking Expressway sections.

Source: Baidu map

According to the travel experience of time finance and economics, taking the self driving behavior in Guangdong Province on September 29 as an example, although the traffic volume of Guanghe, Jinan Guangzhou and Shantou Zhanjiang Expressway (West to East) has increased significantly, there is no obvious congestion, and the overall road condition is relatively smooth.

However, as the holidays approach, congestion is expected to be inevitable on some popular roads during peak periods. For self driving travel, it is more important to keep peace of mind and safe travel in addition to choosing staggered peak travel as far as possible.

Tips for self driving

1. Before traveling, the vehicle condition shall be inspected in detail, including various oil, brake pads, tires and tire pressure (the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer is posted at the door frame of the drivers seat / CO drivers seat for most models), whether the tire wear reaches the wear mark, whether the tire wall is damaged, etc. the vehicle with spare tire should check the spare tire status.

2. At high speed, adjust the interior rearview mirror to a state where the rear road conditions can be observed. In case of traffic jam on the highway ahead, pay close attention to the traffic flow behind and try to avoid being in the same lane with the large trucks behind.

3. Dont take chances to illegally occupy the emergency lane. At present, traffic police have begun to accept reports from ordinary citizens mobile phones and tachograph video evidence. Start with yourself and put an end to bad driving habits that are not beneficial to others.

6. If there are three or more illegal vehicles in total, they must be dealt with as far as possible before the national day trip, otherwise they will be detained if they encounter traffic police patrol.

7. If the owner of etc equipment is equipped, please check the relevant equipment and card in advance to ensure smooth passage.

Finally, as the weather turns cool, there is still a risk of a second round of outbreak of Xinguan epidemic, which is still in the critical period of domestic epidemic prevention and control. It is still necessary to wear good masks, wash hands frequently and pay attention to personal protection when traveling.

Driving without leaving Guangdong overnight due to high speed congestion