7.5 billion dollars for radiation developers only? Microsoft wants to go further

 7.5 billion dollars for radiation developers only? Microsoft wants to go further

Consumers direct reaction naturally focuses on the competition, and whether the game of Bethesda will become the exclusive product on Xbox in the future. This is a reasonable concern. After all, why buy a large interactive entertainment brand like zenimax if you dont require exclusivity in a competitive industry like games? But thats a problem for Microsoft, which tried to compete with Sony for an exclusive game, but ended up lagging behind in the xboxone iteration.

Every major publishing decision Microsoft has made in the past three years since it launched its Xbox gamepass subscription service shows that it no longer sees the value of exclusive rights as too much, and halo is no longer even the exclusive product of the Xbox platform. Thanks to xcloud, players can play halo on Android phones. The next major version of the series, halo: Infinityuff08 Halo:Infinite uff09It will be available free of charge on gamepass on game consoles and PCs when it comes out next year.

Microsoft is no longer following the same strategy as Sony, and the company will focus on services and subscriptions, and the acquisition of Bethesda is likely to show that more clearly than ever. Sony has followed a proven strategy of acquiring promising developers and cultivating them over the years to produce large series games suitable for sequels, such as spider man and horizon zero dawn. It also maintains strong relationships with independent Japanese partners, such as from software and square Enix, to help maintain its edge so that new Final Fantasy games or devils soul first appear on PlayStation.

Instead, the question we should ask Microsoft is, what does Bethesda bring to Xbox gamepass? Its clear that the acquisition of Bethesda has made Microsofts gamepass service stronger.

On Monday, Phil Spencer, Microsofts executive vice president of games, also mentioned gamepass in a company announcement post. Just as they brought the scrolls of antiquity to the original Xbox, Bethesda was also an early supporter of Xbox gamepass, bringing their games to new users of different devices and actively investing in new game technologies such as game cloud streaming, he wrote. Were going to add Bethesdas iconic franchise to Xbox gamepass for game consoles and personal computers.

Todd Howard, director of Bethesda game studios, made a similar point, saying on the companys website: it was Microsofts vision that convinced us to join the Xbox platform. Why is it important where the screen or controller is? There are a lot of people who dont have the same access, and we can bring it to them. As with our initial collaboration, this collaboration is not just about a system or a screen. We all deeply believe in the essential power of games, that they can connect, empower, and bring joy. We should bring this belief to everyone, no matter who you are, where you live, or what you play with. It doesnt matter what the screen size, the controller, or whether you have the ability to use one.

At present, Microsoft has the best-selling game in history, my world, which can be used on almost all platforms. Microsoft owns halo, war machine and force series copyright.

Microsoft may no longer care about the exclusive operation of games, but it still needs a game studio. First party developers are the lifeblood of game publishers because it allows them to control the release rhythm and better manage budgets and cross franchise resources such as game engines and creative talent. However, for Microsoft, the most important thing at present is to have the final decision on the release. By owning a studio, Microsoft can decide where to sell the game at what price, including giving it away for free as part of its subscription service.

Keeping the next version of radiation or scrolls of antiquity away from ps5 is not a wise business move, but it is wise to make sure they are on gamepass. Microsoft has shown that, to a large extent, it doesnt necessarily care where you play their games. Instead, the goal is to ensure that important new versions of the game are available free on gamepass on the day they are released.

This is actually Microsofts core strategy for the future of Xbox. Take Obsidians the outside world as an example: the game is released on xboxone, PS4 and PC. if youre a gamepass subscriber, its free to play on windows and Xbox. In this case, everyone is the winner, which may be a strategy Microsoft wants to repeat.

In the announcement, Microsoft said it had 15 million gamepass subscribers. The average user pays $10 a month, including $5 and $1 time limited subscribers and $15 premium ultimate subscribers, which brings in more than $1 billion in annual subscription revenue. Together with the third-party game revenues Microsoft plans to earn on its Xbox Console and Microsoft Store on its PC, it will push the Xbox business in a healthier direction.

But there is no doubt that the most important part of this, and one that can continue to grow substantially, is gamepass. Microsoft is likely to double its gamepass revenue and have 30 million subscribers. With 50 million subscribers, gamepasss annual revenue is estimated to be $6 billion, more than three times the revenue of Fortress night last year, and close to the annual revenue of Activision Blizzard, which is the third-party game publisher with the highest market value in the industry. The Xbox business may generate only a fraction of hardware sales, but it can still generate staggering cash revenues, which depend entirely on subscription revenue.

Thats why Microsoft launched a more affordable Xbox series s. After all, the more Xbox devices in the living room, the more potential gamepass users Microsoft can sign up for. It may not be a coincidence that Microsofts acquisition of zenimax was announced on the eve of the launch of the next generation of Xbox pre orders. For the company, a big acquisition could have a positive impact on the outlook for Xbox and gamepass, which is likely to translate into more hardware bookings.

But its important that Microsoft doesnt just look at one path. Microsoft already covers all users and is investing in xcloud in case new business models suddenly appear in the future.

If everything goes according to Microsofts plan, consumers wont talk too much about which company has a better exclusive game or which brand will win the next generation competition. Microsoft may not really care, as long as you continue to pay $10 a month to subscribe to its gamepass. (small)

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