How delicious! Teslas down again! Less than 250000 to drive home, its cheaper to compete with Duoduo! Share prices soared 64 billion

 How delicious! Teslas down again! Less than 250000 to drive home, its cheaper to compete with Duoduo! Share prices soared 64 billion

Tesla cut price again! Domestic model 3 drops to less than 250000

Its cheaper to compete with Duoduo!

At the same time, the range of the upgraded version of the updated model 3 standard has been effectively improved by more than 20 km. Under the national standard condition method, the comprehensive range reaches 468 km, the maximum speed is 225 km / h, and the acceleration time of 100 km is only 5.6 s. Enjoy the same vehicle warranty and battery warranty (vehicle warranty: 4 years or 80000 km / battery warranty: 8 years or 160000 km).

It is worth mentioning that the price of Tesla Model 3 is reduced to 249900 yuan this time, which is lower than the group buying second killing price launched by pinduoduo platform. Prior to this, the activity of purchasing 251800 yuan for Tesla Model 3 by pinduoduo and 10000 people once caused heated discussion among netizens.

Leave no way for the enemy

After the news came out, quickly rushed to the microblog hot search.

As for the price of Tesla, some netizens said frankly: this price is very strong, Audi A4L and Model3 will definitely choose model 3.

There are also some people who say that this is to round up and not to pay.

Others believe that Tesla is not going to give its rivals a way to live, and the electric car shuffle is coming. It is reported that new forces of car making

Xiaopeng automobile

The starting price of the main model Xiaopeng P7 is 229000 yuan. After Teslas price reduction, it has direct competition with it.

But for consumers who have just picked up their cars, this is a bolt from the blue

Second price reduction in the year

Ningde era gives it room for price reduction

The price cut on October 1 is Teslas second price cut since May 1. Prior to that, the price of model 3 standard extended version was reduced from 323800 yuan to 291800 yuan before subsidy. After enjoying the subsidy of 202250 new energy vehicles, the on hand price is as low as 2715500.

Before that, Tesla had cut prices continuously. In the previous year, the domestic standard of model 3 had been reduced four times, and the shortest price was only maintained for one month. Take the standard endurance upgrade version as an example. Since the beginning of last year, the decline rate has been close to 130000, and that of domestic version has been close to 80000.

At that time,


The side said that the price of the domestic model 3 standard extension version was lowered to allow more Chinese consumers to enjoy better cost performance


At the same time, it can also meet the national new energy vehicle subsidy requirements.

For the price reduction, the official did not specify the specific situation, industry experts pointed out that this



As a result, R & D and manufacturing costs have been reduced.

According to a source,


The domestic version of the car is on board

Ningde Era

After the battery, the manufacturing cost will be further reduced and the price will be adjusted. In May this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced that


New car declaration chart shows that the new model 3 will adopt

Supply of lithium iron phosphate battery. Since Ningde era does not need nickel and cobalt in the battery material, the cost of the battery is reduced by about 10%. Ningde era and Tesla have signed a mass production supply agreement, but both sides remain silent.

More than 140000 vehicles may be delivered in the third quarter

According to ives, an analyst at wedbush,


Deliveries in the third quarter are likely to exceed 140000, rather than the 136000 (121000 Model3 / y) expected by the market. The significant increase in deliveries this quarter is mainly due to the large potential demand in China, and we are seeing a surge in demand for model 3 in this key region, with Shanghais Mega factory giga3 coming into full swing at the end of the year, Ives said.

Data show that in the second quarter,


90650 vehicles were delivered.

Data shows that model 3 is


The first electric vehicle designed and produced for the global mass market. So far, according to the data,


More than 440 super charging stations have been built in China, which can cover about 90% of the densely populated cities. In 2020, 4000 super charging piles including V3 will be built.

At one point, the stock price soared nearly 3%

The market value surged by another 64 billion yuan

After the news of Teslas price cut came out, the US stock market opened in the evening, and Tesla once soared nearly 3%. As of press release (11:42), it still rose by 2.37%, and the market value increased by 9.5 billion US dollars (about 64 billion yuan)

Tesla remains the worlds largest car maker by market value.