When the robot also began to step into the x service industry

 When the robot also began to step into the x service industry

In Europe and the United States, where the concept of X is open, it is difficult for the number of X workers to meet the domestic demand for the X industry. Therefore, some experts have begun to propose to set up a robot J hospital to alleviate the shortage of sex workers and save the soaring adrenalin of human beings.

From a social perspective, Danaher believes that using robots as x-workers can reduce human trafficking, obsessive-compulsive problems and the spread of disease. From the legal point of view, the use of x-ai robot has also reduced certain industry risks for guests and j hospital itself. From the psychological level, it can eliminate the customers guilt when seeking x service.

After such a serious analysis, maybe the robot x service industry can really become a legal industry, and the robot J hospital will even become a landmark scenic spot in some areas, which not only drives the erotic industry, but also increases the income of the tourism industry.

[brain hole blueprint of experts

A few years ago, Dutch futurologists Ian yeoman and Michelle Mars published a paper describing what they thought would be the robot J school in 2050. According to the paper, by that time, there will be hundreds of beauties with beautiful appearance and figure in the robot J Academy. They will be wearing sexy underwear and t-shaped pants, with everything from age, body shape, race, skin color and hair color to customers hearts content.

Not only that, experts also predicted that the most popular female robot in the future would be the tall, blonde Russian female robot, who was the most popular among Middle East businessmen.

As for the service, the price of the full set of advanced services is about 10000 US dollars, which will provide a full range of services, including body massage, knee dance, and XX in a warm room

[Russias alternative approach

In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, some people engaged in the x-service industry were not very happy when the host country was in a carnival. Due to national image and security concerns, the Russian government has asked the police to strictly inspect the firework alleys during the world cup.

In almost every world cup, the undercurrent x service industry is another Paradise like battlefield. Although each country has different attitudes towards the legalization of x-service industry, in the hormone carnival period of the world cup, Russias abstinence order has obviously attracted some peoples dissatisfaction, especially for those elite and strong athletes, simplicity is a kind of torture.

After being strictly controlled by the government, the Lumi dolls hotel in Moscows business district has applied for special permission from the government to provide special robot services for fans from all over the world in order to receive foreign tourists during the world cup.

With the closure of Russias red light district, these robots have become the best alternative to catharsis. According to a British media report, this is the first robot J hospital in Russia. Customers can choose different sizes and styles of robots. They all have their own beautiful flower names, such as ishley, Catherine, Lolita, etc.

Dont ask me why female customers are more expensive. I dont know

[tit for tat between Canada and the United States

Kinky sdolls, a Canadian adult toy manufacturer, announced that it would open the worlds second robot J hospital in Houston and the first in the United States since it opened its first robot J hospital in Toronto last year.

However, the grand plan to save humanity was stopped by Houston government officials, and the mayor of Houston also said no to the controversial enterprise to enter the American market! Although he didnt want to be a moral policeman, he didnt want such business to enter his city, because he had the obligation to protect the safety and health of citizens.

besides, Change.org A petition has also collected nearly 10000 signatures to boycott the opening of robot brothels. Some believe that the robot brothel will only encourage more men to become prostitutes, while others believe that the medical community can not support the idea that x love robot industry creates healthy partners.

Although relying on the power of science and technology, human is expected to change the ancient x service industry, but now, whether it is inflatable dolls or robots, most people are from the perspective of mens needs. In this process, women tend to appear in a low image. While celebrating that the status quo of the X service industry will eventually be changed, some people should also consider that women have the right to pursue more than they are harmed.

However, no matter how far the robot brothel will develop in the future, it will only be the product of cold technological development, unable to have the real flesh and blood and emotion like human beings. Whether you choose to or not, please keep a good heart of that degree, do not indulge in this kind of numb to the feelings of happiness, so as to lose the ability to love.

Learn cold knowledge, in the fat small class!

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