Tesla reduced the price of model 3 to 249900

 Tesla reduced the price of model 3 to 249900

The price of model 3 (parameter picture) standard endurance upgrade model is 291800 yuan, and that of long endurance rear wheel drive model is 344100 yuan.

Among them, the actual price of the standard cruise upgrade model with a price of 291800 yuan is 2715500 yuan after enjoying the new energy subsidy of RMB 202500 yuan.

The range of model 3 standard endurance upgrade version has been effectively improved by more than 20 km. Under the national standard condition method, the comprehensive range reaches 468 km, the maximum speed is 225 km / h, and the acceleration time of 100 km is 5.6 s. Enjoy the same vehicle warranty and battery warranty (vehicle warranty: 4 years or 80000 km / battery warranty: 8 years or 160000 km).

Teslas price change is a blessing for users, because the price is lower again. However, the price reduction without any sign is indeed against the right to know for the users who have purchased the car. After all, there is still a saying that the price of e-commerce shopping is guaranteed, but Teslas consistent style of not informing and not publicizing makes the price reduction very sudden.

For a long time, some users ridiculed themselves as leeks because of the frequent price fluctuations of Tesla. Later, rumors spread on microblogs that Tesla China forbids employees to eat leeks. Now this wave of leeks has been mercilessly cut. Although it is the most valuable pure electric vehicle for Chinese people, Teslas practice is not worth promoting.

Tesla users advocate the principle of early purchase, early enjoyment, no buying, and so on. Todays Tesla users are not calm. Because the price of Tesla Model 3, which did not replace the lithium iron phosphate battery, has indeed dropped enough, which is very close to the previous public forecast of 220000. Some users said that it was almost the end of the line. No longer, it would be model2.

Tesla lowered the price of model 3 to 249900