Red rose PK White Rose: in a mans heart, there will never be a woman who loves most

 Red rose PK White Rose: in a mans heart, there will never be a woman who loves most


A long time ago, Tong Zhenbao, because of the entanglement of the little rose, he chose to refuse ruthlessly. It was a young body. He was a little confused for a while. In such a flash of calcium carbide fire, Tong Zhenbao resolutely pushed away the little rose. This is a particularly difficult choice, perhaps after the event Tong Zhenbao regretted that his intestines were blue. However, this move is no different from Liu Xiahui. As a result, Tong Zhenbaos three had a relationship with prohibition and desire. So there was Wang jiaorui later, and her husband was not worried. Tong Zhenbao, a gentleman.


Tong Zhenbao gave up the little rose, because the weight given by this woman is not enough to let him betray his loyalty. Mens heart will be in the left and right comparison, horizontal consideration. The right of two interests should be more important than that of two evils. Almost in my heart, I did several math operations. The final result is: is it worth betraying or not. As for whether to love or not, it has become the most secondary consideration. Do you think you have occupied Tong Zhenbaos heart? No, its not. Once he has done something harmful to his image and slander his reputation, Tong Zhenbao must sacrifice his love.


Does Tong Zhenbao like Wang jiaorui? I must like it. This young woman has a fascination. She is also boasting: with this ability, how can she be worthy of herself without using it? So, the next prey is Tong Zhenbao. At first, Tong Zhenbao is still pretending not to see but to hear. In fact, Wang jiaoruis every move -- Tong Zhenbao all see in the eyes, in the heart. Finally, when Wang jiaorui is at home alone. Well, Tong Zhenbao, who lives in someone elses house, seduces his mistress. The world is going down. Seriously


Moreover, there is a discussion about housing. Tong Zhenbao believes that Wang jiaorui is just an old style apartment. But Wang jiaorui fell in love with her and built a building with only Tong Zhenbao in her heart. And, Wang jiaorui let her husband come back. She wants to divorce, and then goes away with Tong Zhenbao. How can this be? Tong Zhenbao has a bright future. Knowing that Wang jiaorui loves herself to live and die, Tong Zhenbao opposes her divorce and advises her to stay obediently. This is really come out to mix, sooner or later return.. A man cant be judged by his appearance.


This is Tong Zhenbaos wife, which is also Tong Zhenbaos originally satisfied daughter-in-law. Its a pity that white rose deserves its reputation. Tong Zhenbao was so angry by her that she sought comfort from outside women again. Is it the hearts choice to marry a woman you dont love? Before and after marriage, Tong Zhenbaos purpose is very clear. Its good to be a wife and a daughter-in-law. However, the result of a wrong calculation is even worse. There is no surface of love. Tong Zhenbao is too difficult, it is rare to smile, so that no one can see the flaw.


Zhang Ailing said: a man married a red rose. Over time, the red rose changed into a smear of mosquito blood on the wall, and the white one was bright moon light before bed; when he married a white rose, the white one was a rice stick on his clothes, while the red one was a cinnabar mole on his heart.

Men love themselves most. In my heart, there will never be a woman I love most