Green City wins the key battle, leading group B may enter the Championship Group

 Green City wins the key battle, leading group B may enter the Championship Group

Greentowns first goal came from Dinos penalty. For foreign aid Dino, many green city fans think the South African is too fat this season: its a lap bigger than last season. In fact, Dino is now a weight-loss version of Dino. Because of the impact of training during the epidemic period, and Dino is a kind of fat prone constitution, the weight once approached 90 kg. Later, for three weeks or so, the coaching team didnt let Dino train with the team, but let Dino lose weight first: when does the weight drop to 85kg, then train with the team.

In this way, Dino gritted his teeth and reduced his weight to 85 kg. Finally, he was able to train and play with the team. Although the weight is heavier than last season, Dinos role in the attack is still very obvious, and has become the focus of Guizhou Hengfengs target of this game. In addition to the penalty, Dino created several chances. It is worth mentioning that Dino didnt dare to take the penalty because he missed two consecutive penalty kicks in the match with Shaanxi team last season, but this time he resolutely stood in front of the penalty spot and opened the record for green city.

In the first round of the league, there was an own talk about Yang, which was his 100th appearance on behalf of green city. Although he came to green city in 2004, he spent most important years in green city. Yang has been captain for several years and has been transformed from a forward to a centre back. On the 62nd minute, Yangs header was saved, but he kept up with the make-up shot to lock the victory for green city. Mr. Baichang talked about Yangs redemption with this goal. He made up for his own loss in the first leg against Guizhou Hengfeng with a key goal and an important victory.

After winning the game, Zhejiang green citys points reached 12 points, leading group B with the same points as Meizhou Hakka, while Guizhou Hengfeng, the third place, had only 8 points. It is more and more likely that Greentown and Meizhou will join hands to advance to the Championship Group - and the goal of green city this season is to complete the rush and surpass.