Girls, before getting married, learn to know people first, and then decide whether it is worth getting married

 Girls, before getting married, learn to know people first, and then decide whether it is worth getting married

Among them, one Baoma (or call her a girl) had a similar pregnancy date with me. We talked more.

Later, I heard some bad news about the girl. She was cheated a lot of money by her husband.

The situation was as follows:

Three years younger than me, why would I be unmarried and pregnant first? It has something to do with mens coax.

The man said to her: my parents like you, and they think you are my daughter-in-law. Anyway, sooner or later they have to get the certificate, and they dont care about the time of getting the certificate.

Even coax and cheat, she will have a child.

She even felt that her father-in-law had met her husband and knew where her husbands hometown was. Sooner or later she would have to get the certificate. They were all family members. There was no need to distinguish the money clearly.

Therefore, she is responsive to mens requests. Even if she has no money, she also asks relatives to borrow them, and then gives them to men to meet their requirements.

Before and after, the man borrowed about 180000 from her hand.

Once a woman has moved her heart and lost her vigilance, unpredictable harm is also produced in secret.

She is planning to get married, but the man is planning how to get out of the shell.

When she was more than six months pregnant, the man suddenly disappeared, as if the world evaporated.

The girl was so flustered that she told her parents that she was pregnant. She suspected that she might have been cheated and called the police.

Fortunately, the girls parents had something to do with her and investigated the mans background.

The truth makes people feel cold: this man, his family are all liars, the so-called father-in-law, is also he wanted to play, is a collective fraud.

This man has a family for a long time. His wife and children are all in their hometown.

In this case, why can men cheat? Because he deeply understands the psychology of women at all stages.

He took her back to his home, met his parents and sister, in the invisible, let the woman have a sense of security, feel accepted by the mother-in-law family.

In addition, in order to catch big fish, the two parents in law fell in love with each other in front of the daughter-in-law. They showed humility and kindness, which made my friend relax his vigilance and felt that there might be no contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the future.

Whats more, after being coaxed by the man, the girl really agreed to be unmarried and pregnant first, and even didnt hesitate to lend money to the man.

The more you want to get a sense of security, the more you want to pay to be recognized. After being seen through by the bad guys, this psychology is easy to be used.

If the slag man talks a little sweetly, the girl will lose her basic judgment, and the weakness of human nature is often the same. She recognizes the person who is good to him, but has not reflected on it. What can others do to you? Is there a picture?

Marriage is not a family, it is not a certificate to live happily together, not to mention unmarried first pregnancy.

As a past person, I would like to share my opinion that we need to memorize all the test points like exams before we are ready to enter the marriage.

Have a basic judgment on the basic situation, see whether the marriage conditions are mature, do a hardware level screening, and then decide whether it is suitable for marriage, and avoid playing games.

First of all, it depends on the economic conditions of both sides. It is impossible to be full of love and water.

Marriage means the establishment of a new family. Eating, drinking and Lasa all need money to pay for it.

Both of them need to know something about their consumption power and earning power before marriage. At the same time, they should have basic money to meet the needs of life. Only by putting money on the table and speaking openly can we know each others sincerity.

In the case of weak economic capacity, it is not recommended to marry immediately, even less naked marriage, otherwise there will be disputes over money.

Secondly, it is to see whether the relationship between the two sides has reached the level of marriage.

If these have been understood clearly and can be trusted, then the conditions for marriage will be mature, which can reduce friction.

If the answer is yes, then from the emotional concentration point of view, also meet the conditions.

Third, whether it is a good match.

Generally speaking, people who grow up in the same or similar living environment have more common topics.

When the education level is close, it is easier for two people to communicate with each other, which can reduce unnecessary conflicts.

If you want to be more rigorous, you can ask your parents to check on them. Parents will read more people and their opinions will be more objective and neutral.