September A-share bull bear list: Xinyu Guokes share price has reached new highs

 September A-share bull bear list: Xinyu Guokes share price has reached new highs

After the sharp rise in July and the shock in August, the A-share market weakened in September. The three major stock indexes all fell by more than 5%, and the total market value shrank by 4 trillion yuan, and nearly 33 billion yuan of capital fled from the north.

Liu Chenming, CO chief analyst of Tianfeng strategy, said in an interview with time finance and economics that the physical start-up in September was not prosperous in the peak season. In addition, factors such as slowing down the expansion of credit cycle and greater financial pressure also suppressed market sentiment. Overall, however, the negative factors that suppressed the market in September are expected to improve marginally in October.

Despite the correction in September, the Shanghai index and Shenzhen Composite Index rose by about 7.6% in the third quarter, while the gem index rose by about 5.6%, showing a leading position in major global markets. In the third quarter, the total turnover of the two cities reached 69 trillion yuan, an increase of nearly 80% on a month on month basis, and an increase of nearly 130% over the same period last year.

Xinyu guokeda up nearly 200%

Looking at the performance of A-shares in September, there were only 5 stocks whose stock price increased by more than 100%, among which only one was stock, and the rest were new stocks listed in September. The performance of stock stocks was not as good as before.

Data source: financial mapping in the wind Era

Liang micro, which was listed on September 11, won the king of increase in September. After the first day of listing rose by 44%, the average daily limit for the rest of the trading day was increased by 245.48%, and the market value increased by 7 billion yuan compared with the closing on the first day of listing. The companys rolling P / E ratio is as high as 79 times, which is 46.19 times higher than the industry average.

Liang micro is engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of semiconductor materials, semiconductor chips and related products. Its downstream customers include SMIC international, China Resources Microelectronics, Huahong Hongli and other important enterprises in the China core industrial chain. The IPO raised funds will be invested in an annual output of 1.2 million 8-inch silicon wafers for integrated circuits.

According to the company, the implementation of this project will ease the tight situation of the companys silicon epitaxial wafer production capacity, and also help to optimize the product structure. It is estimated that the annual sales revenue and after tax profit of the project will increase by 480 million yuan and 91.25 million yuan respectively.

Xinyu Guoke, the national defense and military industry, was the only stock stock whose stock price doubled in September, with a monthly increase of 197.43%. In the past half of the trading day, Xinyu Guokes share price reached record highs, and its total market value increased by more than 6 billion yuan.

At the same time, in response to the letter of concern, new Yu Guoke said that due to the industrial development prospects and the international situation, the A-share market has recently paid more attention to the defense and military industry sector, and the stock prices of listed companies engaged in national defense business have increased relatively more. The companys business involves national defense business, and the number of circulating shares is relatively small. The companys share price has a large rise in the short term, which may be caused by the above factors.

In terms of the whole third quarter, after excluding the stocks listed in 2020, 2375 stocks rose in the third quarter, accounting for more than 60% of the total number of corresponding stocks. Among them, 28 stocks increased by more than 100%, and 208 stocks increased by more than 50%

It is worth noting that in the new shares listed in September, many stocks also opened high and went low. Among them, Shengde Xintai, Canaan intelligent and Daye shares all fell by more than 50% and fell into the decline list in September.

Data source: financial mapping in the wind Era

The above-mentioned stocks are the second batch of new shares registered on GEM. In fact, since the implementation of the gem registration system, it has been normalized to open high and go low. According to the Times financial statistics, only two new shares can keep rising after the first day of the implementation of the gem registration system for a month, and the rest have fallen to varying degrees.

And into the delisting consolidation period of the storm retreat no suspense, the bottom of September A-share performance. Since the end of the trading day, only a 20% decline in the market value of 20% of the market value has fallen by less than RMB 1.8 billion in the first trading day.

According to the relevant provisions of gem, Fengfeng Group will not be re listed on gem after delisting. According to its latest financial report, as of September 30, 2019, the number of shareholders of windstorm group was 63500. The former video overlord has returned to the public view due to delisting, which makes people feel sad.

In terms of transaction volume, there were only four stocks with a turnover of more than 100 billion yuan in September, namely Dongfang fortune, Guizhou Maotai, China Ping An and Wuliangye, with turnover of 133.5 billion yuan, 112.75 billion yuan, 109.6 billion yuan and 102.27 billion yuan, respectively.

Data source: financial mapping in the wind Era

Although all the above-mentioned stocks are regular customers with large turnover, only Dongfang fortune is firmly in the first place, and the rest of the positions have changed. CITIC Securities, the second runner up in August, fell to No. 9, while Fosun Pharmaceutical, the second runner up, fell out of the top 10 list. Longji shares, BYD and Ningde times are all newly listed stocks.

In September, BYDs share price broke through 100 yuan, a record high. In this month, the turnover of BYD reached 81.16 billion yuan, with an average daily turnover of more than 3.6 billion yuan. In one month, BYDs market value has exceeded 300 billion yuan. BYD released a brand new blade battery this year, causing a stir in the industry. During the year, BYDs stock increased by nearly 159%, while its H share also reached a record high, with a cumulative increase of more than 210%. In the latest release of the record sheet of investor relations activities, BYD disclosed that the capacity of blade battery is steadily climbing.

Also benefiting from the development of new energy vehicles is Ningde times. In September, the turnover of Ningde times was 68 billion yuan, with an average daily turnover of 3.1 billion yuan. However, the huge turnover did not greatly benefit its share price, and its increase was only 1.38% in September. Tesla will release a model 3 electric vehicle made in China that uses cheap new batteries and is expected to use Cobalt Free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries produced by Ningde times, foreign media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying.

And in the lower area of monthly turnover, excluding the new listed shares, the transaction downturn for Qianshan retreat and storm retreat. However, it is worth noting that on the last trading day of the consolidation period of Qianshan exit, Qianshan not only opened the drop limit, but also attracted more than 18 million capital to fight. The stock price once rose from 10% to 10%, and the turnover rate was as high as 36.59%. On that day, its turnover accounted for 77% of the total turnover in September.

Previously, Shen Tao, associate professor of Finance Department of School of economics and management of Tsinghua University, said in an interview with time finance and economics that delisted stocks were speculation, on the one hand, because they may be re listed after delisting, on the other hand, it is also caused by investors weak sense of risk. There are more small and medium-sized shareholders in a shares, and they have less professional education in financial investment, so they are easy to ignore the risks in trading.

Beishang capital of 2.633 billion for Ningde Era

On the closing day of September, Beishang had a net outflow of 2.9 billion yuan, including 1.3 billion yuan from Shanghai Stock connect and 1.6 billion yuan from Shenzhen Stock connect. Looking back on the whole September, the net outflow of capital from Beishang reached 32.773 billion yuan, including 28.19 billion yuan from Shanghai Stock connect and 4.584 billion yuan from Shenzhen Stock connect.

In September, Beishang capital mainly bought stocks such as Hengrui pharmaceutical and Industrial Bank, with a net purchase amount of 902 million yuan and 791 million yuan respectively; meanwhile, it increased the positions of Ningde times and BYD, with net purchase amounts of 2.633 billion yuan and 1.311 billion yuan respectively.

From the perspective of the market value of the increase, Ningde times, Changchun hi tech and BYD were the top three companies, with the increased market value of 2.523 billion yuan, 1.157 billion yuan and 1.022 billion yuan respectively, with the market value growth of 11.78%, 31.31% and 21.01% respectively.

Data source: financial mapping in the era of Oriental Fortune

It is worth noting that Changchun hi tech once plummeted by more than 30% in September. The proportion of market value of A-share pharmaceutical sector is rising, and the phenomenon of institutional capital group leading companies is also more obvious. However, the decline of Changchun hi tech stock price once caused the dispute of whether the organization can continue. However, according to the data, the number of shares held by Beishang capital in Changchun Hi Tech Co., Ltd. increased from 8.2542 million shares at the beginning of September to 10.9291 million shares, with the stock market value of 4.04 billion yuan.

At the same time, Beishang capital mainly sold Guizhou Maotai, China Ping An, Yaoming Kant and Yili, with net sales of 7.582 billion yuan, 2.29 billion yuan, 1.581 billion yuan and 1.31 billion yuan respectively; at the same time, it reduced the positions of Wuliang, BOE A and other stocks, with the net sales of 2.402 billion yuan and 2.014 billion yuan respectively.

In terms of the market value of the reduction, there are 10 stocks with a market value of more than 1 billion yuan. Among them, Beishang capital reduced the market value of Guizhou Maotai by 6.896 billion yuan in September, and the number of shares reduced was about 5 million shares. As of September 30, the stock market value was 168 billion yuan. In late September, with the double festival approaching, liquor prices were raised one after another. The price increases of Maotai and Wuliangye before the festival were named by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. In September, Maotai, Guizhou Province, fell by 6.6%.

After the double festival holiday, the disclosure of A-share three quarterly reports will start in succession. Liu Chenming believes that the three quarterly reports are expected to improve in three directions. The first is the pro cyclical sector which takes the recovery logic, especially the midstream equipment industry, such as engineering machinery and electrical equipment. The start of the investment cycle will take the lead in promoting the midstream equipment; the second is the catering and film industries where the fundamentals have reversed in the late stage of epidemic control; the third is the technology sector with favorable economic trend and resonance of policy factors, such as the upstream of military industry, new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles, etc Consumer electronics, etc. Source: time finance editor: Wang Wenhua_ NF5982

After the double festival holiday, the disclosure of A-share three quarterly reports will start in succession. Liu Chenming believes that the three quarterly reports are expected to improve in three directions.