Exclusive interview with Shangguan: do you understand the pleasure of shaving your eyebrows

 Exclusive interview with Shangguan: do you understand the pleasure of shaving your eyebrows

Sweet and fresh

They are sunshine girl

The fourth special interview: Shangguan loves it

Shangguan likes to have a magic charm. Standing on the stage, you can firmly attract the audiences eyes. When the music starts, who will not marvel at her performance?

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Cool SA Chao a, Europe and America Fan Yu Jie, happy little sweet? These are Shangguans favorite adjectives. Which one is the real one? Maybe, all of them.

Netease fashion: what kind of girl does Shangguan like? What is the everyday style like?

Shangguans favorite: I have no definition of myself and no restrictions. As long as I feel that I will be very happy and confident when I put it on, it belongs to me. Daily life may be a little bit more vintage, or some of the more silhouette of the kind.

Netease fashion: what do you think is the best?

Shangguans favorite: the material I will choose is very comfortable, such as cotton or flax. (all of a sudden, I feel that the whole flight will be very comfortable, ha ha!

Netease fashion: whats the secret of your hat?

For example, if I dont like a flowerpot, I love everything. It can be paired with some over size T-shirts, or suits with silhouettes, and then it will show that you have a more Aura, and then more sense. For example, if you want to wear a casual or sporty look, I usually wear my cap, especially a forward hat or a painters cap. In fact, it depends on your own need to wear some shirts or more ancient style, and you can go with some more retro hats.

Netease fashion: what to do if your hairstyle is collapsed by your hat?

Netease fashion: how to hold European and American makeup?

Shangguan love: absolutely can not have any dirty feeling, this is the first. The second step is to find a suitable angle for you. Everyones bone is different. You should know yourself very well. Then you should know what you want to do, for example, whether you want to highlight an eye makeup or a lip makeup, know what your purpose is today, what kind of feeling you make up, and practice more. No one is born to make up well Very good control.

Netease fashion: why do you shave off your eyebrows?

Shangguan love: its so convenient! That is, you dont understand that kind of taste, is very happy! Every day I just want to draw any eyebrows.

Netease fashion: how to draw a delicate eyebrow shape?

Shangguans favorite: you need to find that kind of very thin eyebrow pencil, and then you can try it on paper or hand at the beginning. Then you can search a lot of online tutorials. TA may be more professional than me, and then go to see and practice more.

Netease fashion: which is more important to keep fit, diet or exercise?

Shangguans favorite: eating is definitely more important than exercise. For example, if you exercise seriously every day, but you also eat haisai, you may not be able to lose weight. So I think we should eat well. You know how much you need to eat every day. You need to know some indexes of your body, and then eat well to keep a stable figure.

Part 2 upupup

This Baoge brings people happiness and strength, but it seems that she is the one who deserves to be treated gently.

Netease fashion: how to understand girls power

Shangguan likes: inner words are strong and kind. Or to say confident, and then very gentle feeling. It can be as sharp as a sharp weapon when it is hard, and it can feel fearless when it is soft. Outside, youll be happy.

Netease fashion: when did you find your girls power?

Shangguans favorite: from junior high school to junior high school. At that time, there may be some messy things at home, there will be some gaps, contact with the society, and then gradually have some of their so-called outlook on life, world outlook, values and so on.

Shangguan love: maybe Im too cool and handsome, but in fact I think its OK. I dont think Im neutral. I think it doesnt matter whether its neutral, female or male. Anyway, you can be happy.

Netease fashion: what is the most touching thing that fans do?

Shangguan love: Zhao Xiaotang told me, you go to play, she said you will be happy, that is, you must enjoy the process, do not want to really play her, you believe you are her, and then let it go, you will know what you should say. Not necessarily in accordance with their own thinking that, in fact, you can see what the opponent gives you, and then go to the reaction.

Netease fashion: will you try the direction of actors in the future?

Shangguan love: Yes, I think it is a very lucky thing to have the opportunity to be another person. Then if you can make this person live, or let others believe that you are this person, I think it is also a very fulfilling thing.

Netease fashion: did you learn acting skills with Jiang Xin?

Shangguan love: I did ask her for acting skills, and before I joined the group, I was asking her, I said, teacher, how do you want to play this? She said, you can do what you want, just do what you need to do.. She said that she did not want to play this thing. In this sentence, I felt that bang was enlightened.

The two of us were chatting that day. She also said that I would like to help me recite a poem with a new song. I think its really funny. I think about that picture. In fact, I can try it.

Part 3 quick questions and answers

From time to time, she danced and danced with some flexible movements, and sometimes she giggled secretly. She was attracted by the contrast charm loved by Shangguan. She couldnt help asking herself: is queen, the domineering stage, a little cute?

Netease fashion: do you like sister or brother Bao?

Shangguans favorite: Baoge.

Netease fashion: high heels or flat shoes?

Shangguans favorite: flat shoes.

Shangguans favorite: pants.

Shangguan likes: the people I love.

Shangguans favorite: cats.

Netease fashion: orange, red, or dark black lipstick?

Shangguans favorite: earth color.

Netease fashion: what do you want to do and dare not do?

Netease fashion: what do you want to do?

Shangguan love: go back to Beijing and see my new rental house. Ha ha ha.

Shangguans favorite: dongyingong.