Promise me not to fall in love because of loneliness

 Promise me not to fall in love because of loneliness

I dont know when love began to become cheap, and everyones attitude began to become casual. I often hear people say who is in love, who has broken up, and who is in love again. The tone of their saying these words is just like talking about the weather.


Suddenly, she decided to let go of the news, but now she was not happy with the boy in the past two days.

She said: he is very kind to me. During our time together, he would take the trouble to wait for me every day after work to see me home; if he went out on a date on the weekend, he would wait for me downstairs in advance; I casually mentioned a snack on the phone, and he would buy it in front of me the next day. Its false to say that Im not moved, but I dont know how. The better he treats me, the more upset I feel and the more guilty I feel

I remember when I asked directly, do you love him?

Just when I thought she would not reply, she said, its so hard to be alone, so maybe I just happened to meet him.

Just met, a very beautiful word, but in the face of a person who is very good to him, I feel moved, guilty and uneasy, but I have no love. How can such a love make people feel happy.

Sure enough, they broke up soon. I dont know how the boy finally agreed to break up. I dont know if its hard to be nice to a person again. I dont know if the girl regrets hurting a person who loves her. Because of this lesson, she doesnt dare to take the initiative when she meets someone she likes.

I just feel very sad, casually start a relationship, the result is often only to break up. With a person who does not love, to others is a kind of failure and delay, to oneself, it is not a kind of contemptuous and irresponsible.

As the line in no two love letter said: in the past, I always felt that it had nothing to do with myself to prick people by making cactus. Now I know that pricking others actually hurts more.


I once heard a admonition not to make a decision at night.

Because it is easier to be emotional and impulsive at night. In the impulse to make decisions, often irrational, and this irrational, especially in the emotional.

When two people are together, the heart should be bigger than impulse. If there is fate, even if you walk slowly, whats the matter? If you walk slowly, you can walk more steadily. This is not counseling. This is what we should be cautious about.

Its true that love depends on feeling, but it doesnt mean that you can be together casually because of todays love. If you have a little mood tomorrow, you will be separated easily if you have a little twist in your heart. Falling in love is different from other things. Its not like going to the mall to eat and buy clothes. This meal is not delicious. You can eat less. If the clothes are not good-looking, you can not wear them.

For a person who doesnt like it or doesnt like it enough, its more respectful to refuse than to accept it rashly.


I remember that Wang Zulan once said a word to Li Yanan, who was not his wife at that time: if you only see me today, it is because you have no choice. Go out and see the outside world. If you go out, read it, or think I am good, then I am your real choice.

Two people to be together may only rely on a moment of enthusiasm, but two people want to be together for a long time, it is better to start carefully, slowly love.

Emotional matters are not urgent. The beginning of a relationship needs to be considered, and the decision to separate is no exception, which is responsible for two people, but also a kind of kindness.

We are all adults. We should be responsible for our own behavior. We cant be arbitrary any more. Although it is said that young people are not afraid of making mistakes, we have to learn to be more mature and rational and avoid taking unnecessary detours.

There is only one life. Dont squander your youth on the strength of youth. We should love sincerely and live seriously.

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