A photo accidentally exposed her husbands secret for 10 years: how could a man be such a playwright?

 A photo accidentally exposed her husbands secret for 10 years: how could a man be such a playwright?

In front of Zhang, Zhang Xin slapped himself, knelt down and howled and threw the pot. His lover did everything in order to get his wife Zhang Yis forgiveness. As a result, he just broke off contact with the woman who was found. He asked for forgiveness only to appease his wife. Later, he went to his second lover affectionately.

Although the dregs in the TV series are hateful, they still cant compare with the reality. Because life is always more bloody than the plot.

The husband, as one of the important roles in marriage, is also an excellent actor sometimes. On the surface, he is loyal to his wife and tender and considerate, but these women dont know how much they can act.


Who knows its a soft guy

My husband can be today because of me, but now he kicked me away.

Heart and husband are college students, father is the vice president of their university, after knowing this, her husband launched a crazy pursuit for her.

When my husband was chasing after her heart, friends and classmates around him said that he had taken a fancy to her family background and said that he had told many students that he wanted to stay in school. At that time, my heart was not on my mind, because my husband was really good to her, and he was very popular with her parents.

Although the husbands family is not very good, but emotional intelligence is high.

His father took him to several dinners with the leadership of the school. Those uncles spoke highly of him. After graduation, he successfully stayed in school and became a counselor. He was promoted to vice president last year, and she has been doing the most basic administrative work in the University, very leisure.

The change is that from this year on, her father is going to retire. She finds that her husband doesnt love to go back to her mothers home with her. In the past, every weekend, he would take the initiative to discuss work matters with his father, flatter his father, and make him happy.

But now the heart said to go home, the husband said too tired, not to go.

One night, my best friend sent a picture. In the mall, it was a mans back. She asked her if it was her husband. He recognized her husband from the shoes he was wearing. The shoes were brought back from abroad by his friends for his birthday.

Then, when I saw the second picture, my heart was silly. It was my husband holding a little girls waist. They were about to walk into an underwear store

After receiving these two photos, I think of his performance in the past year, and my heart broke down. I paid everything for my husband, but I got back such a result.

She asked for a divorce, but her husband was determined not to leave. At the end of the quarrel, he said he would leave, but he had to ask his father to write a guarantee that he would not be fired


He repented,

He pretended

I kowtow and apologize to everyone in my wifes family, slapping myself in the face, tears streaming down my face, just to see my lover more safely.

Haihai was found to be cheating. Although he didnt feel that he was wrong, he still apologized symbolically and explained by the way. In order to show his sincerity, he even knelt down to his wife.

But you know, he never knelt down when he proposed. When his wife saw this posture, she did not stop for several minutes. She felt that his attitude was very sincere, and she forgave the sea for her first offence.

This cat steals fishy once, which has no reason not to steal the second time. It sends a message to the lover without any regret.

Soon he was found out again for the second time, but this time his wife made up her mind to divorce him and even moved back to her mothers house. The sea also knew that the last method had not worked, so she decided to be tough.

At that time, it was Chinese new year, and relatives were staying in her home. In order to let his wife feel his sincerity, he kowtowed one by one, apologized, but also slapped his mouth wildly, saying that he should not do so, and asked everyone to persuade her to kowtow more than ten times a night. When he was about to make another round of kowtow, his wife asked him to stop.

Seeing that he was moved with compassion, he was asked to go home first. He refused to take his wife away on the same day and kowtow again. The people next to him couldnt see it. They all came to persuade her. Finally, his wife and he went home.

After he got home, he went to work on time every day. He came back to eat with his wife and go shopping. He also bought some small gifts from time to time. After these two times, his wife also had a long mind, often checking his phone calls, chats and shopping records, but found nothing. She thought that life had returned to peace, and as time went on, she would not check.

But how can things be so simple? I dont know that the sea has changed its strategy now, asking for leave from time to time to date with others, but will seize the time to go home. And as long as you immediately go home to see his wife, you will thoroughly clean up the phone, leaving no trace.

Who would have thought that in front of his wife, he would make a change, but in fact everything was a play, and he had no regrets.


Like the heart this kind of situation is very common in the life, many people do not understand, I treat the emotion so seriously, why is I injured? There are two main reasons for this

1. For love

How blind love is, how cold it can be.

True, a relationship should have paid, but pay should be based on the person who is worth paying, not blind for love.

All choices are made by ourselves, and the consequences also need to be borne by ourselves. Only myself knows how much pain is hurt.

2. Its too simple to look at emotions

Generally, women who are well protected from childhood are more likely to be hurt emotionally, because they are used to harmonious families and never know what is dangerous. Such people will not only be hurt emotionally, but also easily cheated in life.

And the people who have been hurt, they have seen the slag man, naturally also have the ability to distinguish, also set up a defense line for themselves.

Therefore, it is not womens lack of identification skills, but too simple and blind to see the disguise of slag man.


No matter how cunning a fox is, there is a flaw

Why cant such a scum like the sea always be seen through? Is it because their acting skills are so superb that they cant see through it? In fact, as long as they pay more attention in life, no matter how good the disguise is, there will always be flaws.

Imperfection: imperfection

No one is perfect. If a person in your eyes, in any way, there are no weaknesses and defects, then you must be careful.

But for those who have been with each other for many years, he will certainly show his true side, so before you identify this person, you might as well visit his family. Environment will certainly affect peoples growth, from his relatives and friends can also see what kind of person he is.

Flaw two: too easy commitment means low credibility

At the end:

No matter how good his acting skills are, there will always be a day to show off. But before then, as long as you pay more attention to some details in your life, you will not be cheated by the superficial illusion.

Dont let two peoples marriage stage turn into one persons monologue.