Dont let go of every experience in your life

 Dont let go of every experience in your life

The Mid Autumn Festival implies reunion, happiness, and happiness -- but when you think about it carefully, it seems that the simple happiness of the Mid Autumn Festival has completely stayed in the era of erti, becoming a kind of memory. You can never find the feeling that eating a piece of moon cake is very happy.

People, most afraid of maturity, once mature, happiness becomes so difficult!

We have been longing for our own maturity, but when we are really mature, we find that it is so difficult to even smile. Like me, we have not eaten moon cakes on the mid autumn festival for many years - not because we are afraid of being fat.

Reunion and separation are always relative. If there is no separation in life and death, there is no expectation and treasure for reunion. You can see the legends and allusions of the Mid Autumn Festival from ancient times to the present, and the poems and songs are basically so sad.

Changes flight to the moon is chilly, and Wu Gangs felling of GUI is lonely.

Li Bais a pot of wine among flowers, drinking alone without a blind date, raising a glass to invite the bright moon, and forming three people in the shadow; Su Shis I hope that people will live long and share the beauty of beauty; Mao Zedongs I lost pride, Yang Jun lost Liu, lonely Change Shu Guangxiu

We never forget, often we can not get, or have lost, this moment, more want to return to childhood, a family reunion.

Life is like this, so each of us should cherish the present, cherish everything we have now, whether it is family love, or health and safety, many things, once lost, no matter how hard you try, you will never find it back.

In fact, it is difficult for us to control the good and bad of these people and things. However, we should strive to make every experience be given special significance, and we should not fail to live up to every experience of life, whether it is good or bad.

In the first half of the year, because of the epidemic situation, a person stayed at home and could only read a book. He had the opportunity to read journey to the west again. It was totally different from reading when he was a child. In journey to the west, the four Tang monks, masters and apprentices, in fact, are not perfect. They all have obvious shortcomings. However, they have completed the most difficult practice, and their merits are satisfactory.

As a matter of fact, we are all practitioners and imperfect practitioners. We hope that everyone, too, can walk on the road of self-cultivation and never give up.

The child once asked me, Dad, why doesnt monkey king fly to Lingshan with a somersault on his back? I said, because the end of practice is not Lingshan, but on the road.

If you cant bear all this, then dont choose such a life. Just as you choose to practice, you have to bear the 9981 difficulty of going west. This road, of course, is a difficult road. Only by persisting in it will we be able to achieve great success and meet Lingshan.

There is no normality in life. Everything is impermanent.

During the festival, let the noisy days quiet for a few days, let the upset mood moderate ease, and then, continue to live a good future every day.

If you really dont know how to make yourself happy, then think about childhood, and Tao Tao, happy to be naive.