Two beautiful poems: he Sanpo, I ask all the gods to protect you

 Two beautiful poems: he Sanpo, I ask all the gods to protect you

Not believing in Christ

I dont believe in the Jade Emperor

I dont believe in any other kind of mess

To help you, please

Today I decided to make an exception

I want to be a believer

I will worship all the gods

Just one of them

I made it

Buddha, Im sorry

Im really rude

Its against the rules to wear a short skirt in the temple

But today Im very religious

Buddha, please bless he Sanpo

If youre tired of sitting on the lotus throne

Then you come down and have a rest

Break a precept by the way

How tired it is to carry it all the time

Let he Sanpo have a seat

Please give him joy and peace forever

The second worship of Christ

Christ, Im sorry

I bought a Bible, which means I turn it over occasionally

Put on a show

But today Im very religious

Christ, please bless he Sanpo

You say love is patience

Love is kindness

Love never fails.

Do you love he Sanpo, too

Please give him endless love

Protect him forever

Three respects to the Jade Emperor

Jade Emperor, you also have to protect he Sanpo

Although I dont know what kind of God you are

Follow me, too

I dare not threaten other gods

You look a little weak

If you dont work

I fly to the sky and steal the Queen Mothers peach

If you want to protect your knees

You have to listen to my prayers

You must bless he Sanpo

Let him live a happy life on earth

After all the gods

I ask for everything in the world

All living beings with spirits in the world

Men and women, old and young

Give some to he Sanpo

Please take good care of him

Dont make him cry

Let him live in love forever

I gave all my prayers to Sanpo

Er Mei is a cloud floating in the sky

Special blessing for Sanpo


You just watch the clouds fly

See the clouds change endlessly

Turn into ice and freeze three slopes

Its snowing down three slopes

It turns into steam steam

The clouds are gone

Leave a blessing

Leave Sanpo a beautiful dream

The blessing of two beauties

Protected by gods

He Sanpo, a poet

Eternal universe

Photo: Mingyu Jiangnan