Daily Yile: musk says the earth will be swallowed up by the sun and immigrate to Mars

 Daily Yile: musk says the earth will be swallowed up by the sun and immigrate to Mars

Since yesterday afternoon, didi collapsed, Hangzhou blocked red, Chengdu began to block, high-speed rail delay and other topics related to travel, one after another on the microblog hot search, this long holiday travel is not easy. The great migration started ahead of schedule. Some people did not leave Guangdong overnight on the 29th Double Festival travel do not want to block must see!

The only secret is: dont.... Out of.... Door!!

Musk also said that the sun will eventually expand and engulf the earth, so humans must go to Mars to establish an interstellar civilization. It will certainly happen, but not soon, he added.

Is that why you cheated leeks into buying Tesla?

[if a man is killed when he runs a red light on an electric vehicle, he shall be held fully responsible. Traffic police: the driver cannot predict in advance

Recently, at a crossroad in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, a normally running car collided with a battery car running through a red light when it was approaching the middle of the road. The driver of the battery car died of invalid rescue. The traffic police department made the accident determination, and the battery driver should take full responsibility for the accident.

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Man killed after running a red light on an electric bicycle: take full responsibility (source: pear video)

It is suggested to promote it nationwide to run the red light and compensate for the loss!

Two steps for the disabled? Do you want to do physical fitness test?

Now do you dare to be angry?

Its expensive to brake fast! (source: Netease Auto comprehensive)

The owner of the white car said that it was a blessing in disguise. He just borrowed the money to change his car

The baby cant stay at home. He has to go shopping in rainy days

Take a look at it, today is handsome again

Count and see how much money I have in my private house

When I saw the girls dress, I knew the ending was the same as I had imagined

If you want to be a host, you have to learn how to March

Square dance combined with table tennis, more fun

I cant hold on to it. You should go

Why is big brother holding an electric rice cooker on the road?

My little sister is working hard, but what about you?

Miss, Im embarrassed. I dont think Ill take a bike next time

Little sister, get out of my way. Dont get in my way

This car skill also dares to go up to help, admire!

Finally, lets reveal yesterdays car guessing answer: czinger21c. Congratulations on Wangchang impression liquor and netizens with attitude 04-983 on the list!

Its not difficult to guess cars today!

As for the so-called ten million roads, safety first, we have specially sorted out the following precautions for self driving trips on the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival, so as to provide reference for the majority of car owners who plan to drive themselves:

1. Before traveling, the vehicle condition shall be inspected in detail, including various oil, brake pads, tires and tire pressure (the tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer is posted at the door frame of the drivers seat / CO drivers seat for most models), whether the tire wear reaches the wear mark, whether the tire wall is damaged, etc. the vehicle with spare tire should check the spare tire status.

2. At high speed, adjust the interior rearview mirror to a state where the rear road conditions can be observed. In case of traffic jam on the highway ahead, pay close attention to the traffic flow behind and try to avoid being in the same lane with the large trucks behind.

4. If you miss the exit on the highway, you must continue to drive to the next exit and then make a detour. Do not stop in an emergency, change lanes continuously or even reverse on the highway. Other car owners should also be vigilant and be ready for emergency at any time.

6. If there are three or more illegal vehicles in total, they must be dealt with as far as possible before the national day trip, otherwise they will be detained if they encounter traffic police patrol.

7. If the owner of etc equipment is equipped, please check the relevant equipment and card in advance to ensure smooth passage.

Finally, as the weather turns cool, there is still a risk of a second round of outbreak of Xinguan epidemic, which is still in the critical period of domestic epidemic prevention and control. It is still necessary to wear good masks, wash hands frequently and pay attention to personal protection when traveling.

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