On average, there will be a forum every 9 days

 On average, there will be a forum every 9 days

On September 28, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting and announced an important decision.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee will be held in Beijing from October 26 to 29 this year.

One of the important agenda of the meeting is to study the proposals on the formulation of the 14th five year plan and the long-term goal of 2035.

Many people have noticed that there is a sentence in the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee

Before making this conclusion, a multi-channel and multi-dimensional open-door policy-making process has been completed.

11 domestic surveys;


As mentioned by general secretary Xi Jinping, our party has made two magic weapons before making major decisions and plans.

The first is to keep your eyes down, not just look up at the sky, the second is to hold an investigation meeting.

Since July, general secretary Xi Jinping has personally held the seven symposium, which is the sample of Daxings investigation and research.

From July 21 to September 22, 63 days in total.

On average, there is a forum every nine days.

In the two meetings held in July, the protagonists were entrepreneurs and non party personages.

Life first, China can get out of the haze of global epidemic in the first half of the year as soon as possible; in planning for the future, China still puts the enterprises that carry everyones life in the most important position.

There is a number, Mr. Tan is deeply impressed - 123 million households are the main market, which is Chinas basic market.

The two meetings in August began to plan the layout.

Economic and social expert forum

The Forum on integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta means that this region, which accounts for 24% of Chinas GDP, takes the lead in practicing the new development pattern.

There were three symposiums in September, covering many fields.

The Symposium of scientists is about the key to development.

At the forum of grassroots representatives, we talked about clothing, food, housing and transportation.

The 14th five year plan is exactly the five-year plan for 1.4 billion people.

Mr. Tan noted that one word was mentioned in three symposiums, one line..

Two of them were held directly on the front line.

The forum of Yangtze River Delta integration development is in Anhui, and the forum of grass-roots representatives is in Hunan.

General secretary Xi Jinping visits Anhui and Changsha

In the first half of this year, general secretary Xi Jinping conducted a total of 11 domestic research surveys.

In terms of time, we visited Beijing, Hubei and Zhejiang in March, the most severe month of the epidemic.

For the remaining eight months, once a month.

From the space, we can see the pattern more clearly.

West: Shaanxi, Ningxia

North: Beijing, Jilin

South: Yunnan

The implication is balance.

On the contrary, the problem we are facing now is imbalance.

In the seven symposiums, imbalance was one of the most frequent keywords, which appeared six times.

How to solve the imbalance can be seen from another dimension.

We should make overall plans and pay attention to areas with relatively backward economic development.

In this way of methodology, general secretary Xi Jinping made a penetrating discussion on the Yangtze River Delta integration development forum.

The premise of adjusting measures to local conditions is investigation and research.

General secretary Xi Jinping said:

Seven side to side symposiums and 11 field trips to the bottom are just the samples of investigation and research.

In the last two months, general secretary Xi Jinping has also made two special instructions on the planning of the 14th Five-Year plan, with special emphasis on online opinion solicitation.

From August 16 to August 29, online opinion solicitation for the preparation of the 14th five year plan lasted for two weeks, and the number of relevant columns of learning power learning platform exceeded 37 million.

At the grass-roots symposium, general secretary Xi Jinping responded to our participation.

The broad masses of cadres and the masses have paid high attention and participation, and many opinions and suggestions have been fed back to me..

The five-year plan is a protracted war and a common goal.

This goal, first of all, points to development.

New development stage calls for new development pattern.

This term, first mentioned by general secretary Xi Jinping during the NPC and CPPCC sessions, has become the eye of eye in every seven seminars.

When the goal is established, the path is also arranged.

How to realize the new development pattern of taking the domestic big cycle as the main body and promoting the mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles, the methodology was also given in the seven symposiums.

The key is scientific and technological innovation.

The seven symposiums had different themes, but the discussion on science and technology went through the whole process

Symposium of non party personages -- strengthening scientific and technological support for the development of health care

Symposium of scientists -- solving six key problems restricting the development of scientific and technological innovation

Entrepreneurs Forum: upgrading the modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain, accelerating the tackling of key core technologies, and strengthening the open cooperation in the field of science and technology

A symposium on scientists

Shi Yigong, President of West Lake University and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, recalled to tan Zhu that what he talked about most at that time was the lack of top talents in China.

He made two suggestions

After listening, the general secretary said the following:

Dai Wei, an Englishman at the same time, is a distinguished professor of Beijing University of chemical technology and the only foreign speaker.

In retrospect, he is still impressed by one detail:

In 1987, Dai Wei came to China for the first time. At that time, there were very few foreigners doing scientific research in China, and there are not enough now.

It is necessary to gradually liberalize the establishment of international scientific and technological organizations within the territory of China, and the appointment of foreign scientists in Chinas scientific and technological academic organizations, so as to make China a broad stage for global scientific and technological opening and cooperation.

General secretary Xi Jinping also has a clear understanding of the current situation of scientific research in China.

The key is to improve the ecology of scientific and technological innovation, stimulate innovation and creativity, build a stage for scientists and scientific and technological workers to display their talents, and let scientific and technological innovation achievements emerge in a continuous stream. We should adhere to the demand-oriented and problem-based orientation, and also adhere to basic research.

The conversation was very effective.

Five days after the symposium, Bai Chunli, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at the press conference on the implementation of the first action plan:

We should turn the list of stuck neck into a list of scientific research tasks, and concentrate the efforts of the whole Academy in major areas of national concern..

11 days after the symposium, the Ministry of Education announced that it would focus on core technologies in key fields, speed up the training of a group of talents in a unconventional way, and make contributions to solving the neck sticking problem.

Scientific and technological innovation is inseparable from scientific research workers and the support of local policies.

If we want to form a new development pattern, scientific and technological innovation is the most effective path. Then, the general secretary also has a clear conclusion on the method to realize this path.

At the entrepreneur forum, general secretary Xi Jinping mentioned the market main body for the 16 time. What is the path to stimulate the vitality of market entities and revitalize the vitality of the dual cycle development pattern?


For the status of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation. The general secretary clearly pointed out that:

We should give full play to the role of enterprises in technological innovation, promote the gathering of innovation elements to enterprises, and promote the deep integration of industry, University and research.

Here we should pay attention to two highlights:

Enterprises are the main body of technological innovation

Innovation elements should be gathered to enterprises

This is not only the direction of development, but also the reflection of reality.

As the most important market main body and the cell of national economy, the position of enterprise as the main body of technological innovation is worthy of being.

Since the first forum, the general secretary has attached great importance to the enterprise.

Whether it is the new development pattern, science and technology, market subject... These ideas and policies are closely around a common goal: people.

In 2020, the answer is given.

In the first half of the year, epidemic prevention and control, flood fighting and disaster relief, and economic and social development have been superimposed together, and every choice should be made carefully.

General secretary Xi Jinping put forward the phrase putting peoples life safety and health in the first place.

The people are the first to prevent and control the epidemic situation.

In the middle of the year, a flood of hundred years of experience raged. General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions for the three time. He always put the safeguard of peoples lives and property in the first place.

The people are the first in flood control and disaster relief.

In the second half of July 30th, general secretary Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee.

The meeting decided to hold the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and put the formulation of the 14th five year plan on the agenda.

The first symposium held by general secretary Xi Jinping was talking heart and encouraging energy with entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Forum

At this forum, everyone spoke freely.

Zhao Xianzhen of Shanghai Pinhai Hotel, a representative of self-employed people who spoke at the meeting at that time, pointed out the pain points

The source of customers is reduced, the pressure of rent is high and the channel of purchasing goods is limited.

In his speech, the general secretary also got to the point. When he came up, he reassured everyone and made it clear that we should implement the policy of relieving poverty and benefiting enterprises.

The main body of the market is the carrier of economic power, which is closely related to peoples employment, consumption and quality of life.

To reassure entrepreneurs is to reassure the market. It is necessary to solve the most direct and realistic interests of the people.

It involves the vital interests of the masses and the long-term development of the city. No matter how difficult it is, we must find solutions..

This is a speech by general secretary Xi Jinping at the Symposium on integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.

Can the fruits of development benefit all the people?

General secretary Xi Jinpings words are the best answer.

The Yangtze River Delta has made up for its shortcomings in the integrated development.

The 14th five year plan focuses on the livelihood of the whole society.

In order to listen to the opinions of ordinary people, a forum for grass-roots representatives was held half a month ago, with online shop owners, express boys, freight drivers, and restaurant owners.

These ordinary people around you share your life with general secretary Xi Jinping.

One of them is Huang Bo, a dispatcher of SF.

After listening to the whole forum, Huang Bos first feeling was that the general secretary attached great importance to everyones speech and commented on and responded to everyones speech.

Liu Quan, the restaurant owner who spoke on the spot, told Tan that the general secretary was not only concerned about the business situation in his shop, but also said that he also like to eat crayfish.

Liu Quan didnt think much about it, so he said, welcome to my shop to taste crayfish. If you are too busy and have no time, I will send it to you..

The whole forum was held in such an atmosphere.

In the interaction with Zou bin, the quality controller of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau General Contracting Company, the general secretary encouraged him to three hundred and sixty trades, and there is no difference between high and low, and the country needs skilled talents.

What moved these participants most was a sentence mentioned by the general secretary, the victory of the party and the national cause is the victory of the people! The people are real heroes

What is the result?

The last one of the seven symposiums was incisively and vividly reflected.

Each of the four aspects of education, culture, health and sports is the concrete embodiment of a happy life, and all of these have common suggestions and suggestions from ordinary people.

The longest one, 565 words, is about digital economy.

The digital economy first needs the support of science and technology. There is an urgent need to solve the problem of Chinas own Internet independence. We cant let some countries jam us at any time. This is the core issue.

The top-level design meets the people, which shows that:

The foothold of decision-making is still the people.

China has a population of 1.4 billion.

Each of us can make a contribution, and then we will be able to gather into a huge force. As long as each of us can accomplish one thing and do a good job, the cause of the party and the state can be promoted a little bit.

In this sense, the 14th five year plan is exactly the five-year plan for 1.4 billion Chinese people.

A new plan is about to be formulated, and a new journey is about to start.

On the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, there are you, me and everyone around us.