Taiwans military unification is imminent? When will it be? Media: there are three indicators

 Taiwans military unification is imminent? When will it be? Media: there are three indicators

Battle clouds in the Taiwan Strait

Since last month, the PLA has held more than 10 live ammunition military exercises in several sea areas. The Taiwan Strait and both the north and south sides have become exercise fields. In fact, a whole area military exercise against Taiwan has been formed.

Some military observers believe that the PLAs series of exercises is to enhance the preparation for the military struggle against Taiwan, especially for the war in the Taiwan Strait involving the strong enemy.

Tens of thousands of netizens on the mainland demanded military unification of Taiwan, and the eastern theater, which undertook the task of fighting Taiwan, also left a message: lose your illusions and get ready to fight!

The global times commented that if the United States and Taiwan continue to upgrade their official links, we believe that the PLA will have full will to test fire cruise missiles over Taiwan Island, send fighter planes over Taiwan island to declare sovereignty and carry out training, which will form a new military pattern in the Taiwan Strait region.

If the situation really comes to that stage, if the missiles and fighters from the mainland appear over Taiwan, it will be the fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis of shaking the ground and shaking the mountains.

Hopeless Taiwanese

Since Lee Teng Hui successfully conducted the election with a missile test in 1996, Taiwan has entered a vicious political struggle of Anti China. Before the election, through all kinds of propaganda manipulation or whispering deception, as long as China is vilified and the opponents are constantly wearing red hats, there will be votes, and Taiwans politics will degenerate into a bottomless pit.

Today, the people of Taiwan have been taught by the DPP to be selfish, afraid of death, greedy for money, indifferent to right and wrong, indomitable for their own interests, easy to yield and feel good about themselves. Its no wonder why 65% to 80% of the Taiwanese in the opinion poll are optimistic that the PLA will not have military unification, and half of them believe that the US military will come to rescue them

Now that the situation is tense and we know we need to negotiate, why didnt we talk about it at the beginning? Why didnt we sign a peace agreement with the mainland under such good conditions? This is the short-sighted political choice caused by the evil character.

Now, it is very boring to discuss whether the military unification will be held. What should be discussed is when? Is the time ripe for Wu Tong

First, the PLAs military strength is approaching maturity and integrity. It has at least six dimensions of space: sea, air, ground, space, electromagnetic and network. If Wu Tong had been Wu Tong 10 years earlier, he would have failed to catch up.

The so-called timing refers to the suitable conditions for doing something, such as destiny, climate and timing. It is very difficult to expect the third round of trade war, military coercion or Taiwan independence in disguise. This is the best thing to do now. Is it difficult to follow the Taiwan peoples view that maintaining the status quo has been delayed?

When was Wu Tong?

Wu Tong has three indicators. The first indicator is Tsai ing ing Wens National Day announcement on October 10. This is the last time for Tsai ing ing to express her views. If she still thinks about the feelings of compatriots and brothers on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, there is still room for things to turn around. She is afraid that she will insist on the stand of Taiwan, the Republic of China, and say nothing.

The second indicator is that the peoples Daily has published a similar denunciation of suing Taiwan compatriots. A denunciation is an instrument used to instruct, call on, and denounce the enemy or rebel. In the past dynasties, before attacking the traitors, they would issue the denunciation. The more famous ones are Luo Binwangs Dai Li Jingyes attack on Wu Xi and Sun Wens Declaration on the second attack on Yuan and so on. In addition to the anti secession law, the rationality and legitimacy of the use of military force have been achieved.

The third indicator, when Liaoning and Shandong were positioned, was the time of war. U.S. aircraft carriers may appear in a certain area of conflict or crisis. For Americans, aircraft carriers are a diplomatic tool of deterrence and intimidation. However, for the Chinese, aircraft carrier is to protect Chinas interests. If China does not interfere in foreign internal affairs, it will not use the aircraft carrier as a diplomatic extension tool. This is the difference between China and the United States. We can take the high and low fighter maneuvers as an expression of will, which does not constitute a real military collision. However, the emergence of aircraft carriers can actually guarantee the security of territory. At this time, can we not take back the territory that is about to be lost?

Tsai ing ing ing Wens hopes for Taiwans future are based on the illusory American aircraft carrier. She has no plans for her countrys prosperity. Instead, she manipulates Anti China sentiment to make people on both sides of the Strait hate and confront each other.

Is there no other way than force?

Will Taiwan Strait really embark on the road of no return to war? When it comes to this issue, we cant really be happy and direct public opinion into irrational emotions.

As for the mainland, the use of force against Taiwan will not only mean huge casualties, international pressure, resource input, and all kinds of irreparable consequences, but also seriously damage the normal economic and social order of the country and disrupt our long-term development plan. It can be said that the losses are immeasurable and will be borne by compatriots on both sides of the Straits.

The peaceful reunification of East and West Germany in 1990 was driven by the prosperous society created by the West German economy, which aroused the yearning of the East German people. In other words, the key to peaceful reunification lies in the growing strength of the mainland, which can create a peaceful environment and dividends for compatriots on both sides of the Straits. The return of the peoples heart is the peaceful reunification in the true sense.

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Whats different from last time is that this time the Mainland Affairs Commission specially issued a written statement saying that artists have hurt the feelings of the people of Taiwan and failed to live up to the love and support of Taiwan Society for them. Such a hot pursuit attitude makes Taiwan netizens laugh angrily, has it hurt? I dont make complaints about it, what a friend of Taipei coordinates Tucao, in fact, we should thank the Taiwan authorities for not having heard anything about this song before. This time we learned all about it.

On September 26, the National Day party lineup was open, including Taiwan artists Ouyang Nana and Zhang Shaohan. Ouyang Nana will sing my motherland with Malone, Ren Dahua and Hui Yinghong at the opening, and Zhang Shaohan will sing the anti epidemic song guard with Chen Weiting and Zhang Bichen.

In the face of such an arrangement, the Mainland Affairs Commission held that it was the mainland putting pressure on Taiwan in order to publicize its one country, two systems Taiwan program. Su Zhenchang, Taiwans Premier and the Ministry of culture immediately echoed, some people enjoy Taiwans resources and go to the mainland to sing inappropriate songs and will be dealt with according to law.

Last night, the National Day party was broadcast. Ouyang Nana and Zhang Shaohans performances won the support and praise of netizens from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and once ranked first in hot search.

Sure enough, the mainland Committee has come to join the party again.

The statement also stressed once again that [artists on the island] should not participate in relevant activities to avoid becoming a model tool for the mainlands united front with Taiwan.

The threat came as scheduled. He said that he would pay close attention to individual artists participating in tonights mainland performance, and would cooperate with the Ministry of culture for follow-up processing.

The mainland Committees statement has come. How can the green media not come?

Feel the acid spilling over the screen:

Ouyang Nana was ranked fourth before she came out to sing with others

Ouyang Nanas expression is too boring during the performance

Looking for a sense of existence in this way, the white eyes of Taiwan netizens turn out of the sky, do you hurt the feelings of Taiwanese people? I think its your personal feelings that hurt you.

What about good democracy and freedom?

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