Good bye in September, and hello in October: May you live up to your time and autumn

 Good bye in September, and hello in October: May you live up to your time and autumn


Its been to the last day of September,

In the twinkling of an eye, it was another late autumn,

Farewell to the bright and lively September,

Welcome the cool October of quiet beauty.

In October, find a special day,

Organize the past and imagine the future,

Also say to yourself gently:

September, goodbye! Hello October!


There is wind and rain

There are Zhongyuan, Bailu and autumnal equinox

We went through the rain, facing the wind

Still in the ordinary everyday


Leave some time for yourself and return to the heart of life

Try to like something and enjoy the new time in October

With the willing like, live a happy life


So beautiful, so quiet

So warm and so cold

Have a good life

Or for the happy passer-by, or for the affectionate return

Live every day with the most beautiful mood

Life, this no wind and rain, no clear


Ten li peach blossom, warm spring breeze


The sun is shining high and the mountains are green in summer

The autumn wind is cool, the sky is high and the clouds are light

In a trance, October came unexpectedly

Autumn in September and late autumn in October

But the sky will be bluer and the sun will be brighter

Watch the leaves fall one after another, see the red mountains

See the wild geese fly south, see the sky high and the water far away

Autumn moon is bright, autumn thoughts come.

In autumn, where the forest is full of color,

This is not a hot and cold time,

Its the maturity and fullness of years,

Its the gentleness and calmness of prosperity.

The beauty of time lies in its inevitable passage

Spring flowers, autumn moon, summer, winter snow

If its beautiful, its called wonderful

If its bad, its called experience

Clean up your mood

Were going to start again the next second

Autumn is about to pass

Late autumn is coming

Even though the autumn wind is bleak

The weather turned cool

In the sunshine of late autumn

Looking for a warm sun to warm you and me

From now on, October will be a new start.

Put down the burden and have a good attitude towards yourself;

Put aside laziness and stick to one thing you like;

There is a turbid heart.

No matter how busy September is,

Take courage to welcome the new October.

Youll have new self-healing abilities,

You will have peace of mind happiness.

And your loved family and friends.

Listen to the wind blowing wheat waves, see maple leaves red through,

Enjoy autumn together, no extravagance.

New October,

Parting sometimes, meeting also has a period.

Believe it,

The vagrant will have a way back;

Lonely people respond.

You always have to start a new story.

New October, learn to love yourself.

But I dont know that the plan at that time has been vague.

We always like this, while losing and cherishing.

Go out more while you still have a chance.

In the new October, be a dynamic young man.

Leisure walk, square dance, flower and bird bonsai afternoon tea.

Leave some time for yourself and return to the heart of life;

Try to like something and enjoy the new time in September.

With the willing like, live a happy life.

In the new October, we are looking forward to the poetic life.

Just a heart yearning for beauty,

Even if you are in trouble, dont forget your inner wealth.

Leaves silent, such as people to middle age;

Life may be sunny and rainy,

Brothers and sisters sharing weal and woe;

Help you when you are in trouble;

Stay with your family.

If the tree is tall, never forget the root. If you are brilliant, dont forget your origin.

Make a phone call to your brothers and sisters;

Visit your friends home;

All the troubles and tiredness;

Hello October, I wish you a cool autumn wind,

New October

May you put it down peacefully

Not afraid of the past, not afraid of the future

If its OK

Wish you all the luck

All of them can meet by chance

Wish you all the best

They can all come on time

Friends and confidants are all right

May you and I live in peace and peace

May we live up to our time and autumn

Only joy, not sorrow

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