Early to bed, early to rise, peace and joy, all the best

 Early to bed, early to rise, peace and joy, all the best

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Accompany you through your years, warm and cold, cure you are in the line

Here are 10 notes carefully selected by uncle for you

Past zero, love and hate at will.

The regret in summer will be gently dissolved by the autumn wind.

A dream of the past, the one you love doesnt have to apologize.

To work hard, for the life you want, for the fireworks in the world, for the wind and the moon today.

Early to bed, early to rise, peace and joy, all the best.

A person will meet about 30 million people in his life, and the probability of two people falling in love is 0.000049. So you dont love me, I dont blame you.

My highest material expectation is to have a healthy body and live a well-off life in a peaceful world. Zhou Guoping

Run to the good, listen to the bad words, unpleasant things will slowly pass. Lovely will happen. I know that you are really trying to get to a better road, so dont forget to say to yourself: hard!

Today, a reader who often contributes to uncle said that he will finally marry his boyfriend who has been running for six years on national day! Emotional long-distance running is really not easy, this years holiday, the country bumped into a full, also hope that the future days can be smooth.

Two people who like nature decided to travel and get married. She said that she had only one life. No matter what she did, she wanted to try her best to follow the way she liked. Fortunately, her boyfriend had the same idea.

So, lets talk about it today. How do you spend the holiday this year?