One smile every day

 One smile every day

4. My hometown is Zigong, Sichuan Province. I once sent a sentence I want to go back to the womb in wechat group, which shocked everyone.

5. I want to send my mother Im fine here, dont worry, and its Im good below, dont worry.

God replied: retribution is coming.

My sister sent a book and wrote a paragraph in Russian on the title page. What does it mean?

Gods reply: knowing that the other party cant understand, what they have to give is confession.

Gods reply: because the beautiful girl saves the time of painting, and time is money.

How to evaluate an article?

God reply: whether an article is good or not depends on whether the legs are numb after reading from the toilet.

God replied: so the question comes, who is more stupid than two good friends?

Do you know what the employees of the dating website call a single dog?