Prohibit big data from being cooked up! Take a look at the new rules before you go out on the 11th

 Prohibit big data from being cooked up! Take a look at the new rules before you go out on the 11th

The Interim Provisions on the management of online tourism business services issued by the Ministry of culture and tourism of the peoples Republic of China will come into force on October 1. The use of big data to kill cooked and other acts is explicitly prohibited, online tourism operators shall not abuse big data analysis and other technical means to set unfair trading conditions based on tourists consumption records and tourism preferences, so as to infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of tourists..

The regulations also regulate many aspects of online tourism platform operation. If online tourism operators are required to provide true and accurate tourism service information, they are not allowed to carry out false publicity; if they fail to obtain quality standards and credit rating, they are not allowed to use relevant appellations and signs. The platform operator shall distinguish and mark the self operated business and the business carried out by the operator within the platform in a significant way.

The revised regulations for the implementation of the budget law of the peoples Republic of China came into force on October 1. As a supporting measure of the new budget law, the regulations make a more detailed system specification for the government debt management.

New regulation of inland river ships tightening the faucet of sewage discharge

The management measures for prevention and control of water pollution from inland water vessels under 400 gross tons issued by the Ministry of transport will come into effect on October 1. The Management Measures specify that the prevention and control of water pollutants from inland ships with a gross tonnage of less than 400 gross tons shall be implemented in accordance with the principle of storage on board, receiving and disposal at shore, with special emphasis on the implementation of new classification requirements for inland ship garbage, so as to make it and urban waste classification To connect with each other.

The management measures issued this time is one of the specific measures to do a good job in the protection of the Yangtze River.

It is not allowed to dump pesticide packaging wastes without authorization

From October 1, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the Ministry of ecological environment jointly announced the management measures for the recycling and treatment of pesticide packaging waste which will be officially implemented. According to the measures, pesticide producers and operators should fulfill the corresponding obligations of recycling pesticide packaging waste in accordance with the principle of who produces and operates, who recycles.

The measures pointed out that pesticide operators and pesticide packaging waste recycling stations (points) should strengthen the management and maintenance of relevant facilities, equipment and places, properly store the collected pesticide packaging waste, and shall not dump, stack or scatter pesticide packaging waste without authorization. Measures shall be taken to prevent environmental pollution during transportation of pesticide packaging wastes, and pesticide packaging wastes shall not be discarded or scattered.

New regulations of the city

Beijing Medical Insurance Bureau issued a new policy to reduce the burden, including six kinds of diseases including severe mental illness into the scope of special diseases in Beijing medical insurance outpatient service. These six diseases include: severe psychosis, targeted therapy for pulmonary hypertension, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, type C Niemann Picks disease, biological agent therapy for moderate to severe allergic asthma, and antifibrotic therapy for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Among them, severe psychosis refers to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenic affective disorder, paranoid mental disorder, mental disorder caused by epilepsy, and severe mental retardation.

The new policy will be formally implemented on October 1 and will be applicable to urban employees, urban and rural residents and other insured personnel in Beijing.

Failure to handle the procedures for the establishment of the housing provident fund account for the employees of the unit violates the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 13 and the first paragraph of Article 15 of the Regulations on the administration of housing accumulation fund, and if the management center orders it to handle it within a time limit, it shall be fined not less than 10000 yuan but not more than 50000 yuan according to Article 37 of the regulations on the management of housing accumulation fund. According to the different illegal circumstances, it can be divided into three basic discretion levels: to impose a fine of 10000 yuan, to impose a fine of more than 10000 yuan but not more than 30000 yuan and to impose a fine of 30000 yuan to 50000 yuan.

In addition, according to the relevant person in charge, if there are difficulties in production and operation of the unit, after discussion and approval of the staff congress or the trade union, if there is no staff congress, with the consent of more than 2 / 3 of all employees, it can apply to reduce the proportion of housing provident fund or postpone payment within the scope of 1-4%.

Beijing Taxation Bureau launches comprehensive declaration

The comprehensive declaration method launched by the Municipal Taxation Bureau will be implemented from October 1, 2020.

When a taxpayer needs to declare and pay one or more taxes among enterprise income tax (prepayment), urban land use tax, real estate tax, land value-added tax and stamp tax, they can choose comprehensive declaration. The comprehensive declaration is mainly applicable to the enterprises that pay the enterprise income tax in advance on a quarterly basis according to the actual profit amount, and temporarily does not cover the enterprises that pay in advance on a monthly basis, the enterprises that have been approved to collect taxes, and enterprises that pay taxes on the basis of cross regional operations.

Taxpayers can make comprehensive declaration through Beijing Electronic Taxation Bureau.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Beijing Municipal Regulations on the management of construction waste disposal will come into effect on October 1. According to the regulations, no unit or individual is allowed to dump, scatter or pile up construction waste at will, mix construction waste with other domestic waste and hazardous waste, or engage in transportation and consumption of construction waste without permission. Construction waste generated in the process of decoration and decoration of houses by residents shall be stacked separately according to the time, place and requirements specified by the person in charge of classified management of domestic waste, and shall bear the cost of disposal. Individuals who dump, scatter or stack construction waste at will will be fined less than 200 yuan. According to the website of the Chinese government, the website of the Ministry of culture and tourism, and the window of the capital, according to Xinhua news agency, source: Beijing daily client editor in charge: Yu changzong_ NBJ11145

Personal dumping of construction waste or penalty of 200 yuan

According to the website of the Chinese government, the website of the Ministry of culture and tourism, and the window of the capital

According to Xinhua news agency