Peoples Daily: Fortunately, I know the relationship between dinner and weight and life expectancy today

 Peoples Daily: Fortunately, I know the relationship between dinner and weight and life expectancy today

Obesity has something to do with having a good dinner

Many obese people because of eating too good dinner, eat too much, coupled with small amount of activity at night, low energy consumption, excess heat synthesis of a large amount of fat, accumulated over time, obesity is also formed.


Too much dinner can accelerate aging

If the long-term dinner is too full, gastrointestinal and liver, gallbladder and other organs are still in operation during sleep, affecting the normal metabolism of the body and accelerating the aging of the body.


If the dinner content partial meat food, plus sleep when the blood flow speed is slow, blood lipid will deposit on the blood vessel wall, and then cause arterioles and arterioles contraction, easy to make blood pressure rise.


If you work overtime, you will get sick

The gastric mucosa is very delicate. People who eat dinner too late, the stomach should also be added to the night shift, so that the mucosa can not be timely rest, repair, over time, there will be stomach disease.

Food is too late to digest, which is not conducive to intestinal health

Dinner too late, too late to fully digest, and because of sleep intestinal peristalsis is very slow, so that these toxins stay in the intestinal tract longer, not conducive to intestinal health.


Accelerated aging of blood vessels


Disorder metabolism, not conducive to sleep

Dinner too late, will lead to metabolic disorders, feel tired, dizzy, memory loss, decreased thinking ability.


Late dinner can also cause gastroesophageal reflux disease. When people lie on their back, the food in the stomach is easy to return to the esophagus, which stimulates the esophagus greatly and causes a variety of diseases.

What if youre hungry? Keep the two bottom lines

Someone will ask, what if you are really hungry at night? The stomach cant support, but if you are hungry, you will get sick!

Its not that you cant eat at night, but remember the bottom line:

Second, the following five things had better be touched less.

Greasy food touch less, not only will increase blood fat, but also increase the burden of digestion.

How to eat dinner?

It is suggested that the interval between dinner and sleep should be at least 3 hours. Generally speaking, the best time for dinner is 6-8 p.m., and it is better not to eat after 8 oclock.

2. What to eat?

Generally speaking, the food is balanced and diverse.

In the choice of staple food, coarse grain can replace fine grain. Coarse grain contains more vitamins and dietary fiber, strong satiety and low energy, which helps to control the amount of dinner.

Eating more milk, eggs, animal liver and other foods rich in B vitamins can help relieve anxiety and help sleep.

No dinner or staple food,

To some extent,

Dinner does affect weight and longevity.

For the sake of health,

We must pay attention to it!

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