Only people with high EQ can understand ten cartoons

 Only people with high EQ can understand ten cartoons

1. Health first

Understanding: safety first, health first, reputation, money, status and so on can only be based on this, if there is no safety, health, everything will not exist.

2. Concave and convex

Understanding: husband and wife, friends, when a persons mood ups and downs such as convex, the other person must be patient to act as a concave, otherwise there will be contradictions, out of balance.

3. Laugh at others and laugh at yourself

Understanding: people often laugh at others with great enthusiasm, gloating when there is no worry; but ignore their own body also has a funny place.

Everyone on the stage of life has something funny. Dont laugh at others.

4. Each has his own advantages

Understanding: everyones intelligence, physical strength and various abilities are limited. It is impossible to be excellent in all aspects. Maybe you are better than others in some aspects, but others are ahead in others. We should cheer for them.

6. Happiness

What is happiness? It cant be seen, it cant be touched.

Happiness is a kind of feeling. It needs to feel with heart. Feeling happiness is happiness. It is around us. A person always does not feel happy, this is a persons biggest sorrow.

8. Moderate

Understanding: to do anything, we should grasp a good degree. It cant be insufficient or too extreme.

Just right is the most appropriate, which is what the ancients called the golden mean.

Understanding: learning knowledge needs desire, not complacency.

Because power can be bought with money, but authority cant be bought. It can only be obtained by ones own behavior.

A cartoon, a choice, a life.

May we all understand the cartoon world, and then, happy to live a good life every day!

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