After becoming addicted to self-discipline, I killed half a circle of friends in a second!

 After becoming addicted to self-discipline, I killed half a circle of friends in a second!

It means to drink the first cup of milk tea after the autumn equinox in 2020.

Nine months ago, have you achieved all your new years goals?

Earn XX Yuan;

Travel to XX place;

Reading XX books


In 2020, I successfully joined the company I love.

But the expected income has not been achieved.

Photo: my conversation with Zhuo Jue

I summed up the following reasons and found that the biggest problem is that there is no strong self-control.

Im engaged in new media writing.

We need to receive a lot of information every day and input new knowledge to keep output.

In addition, we will also operate the official account, comparing with the large amount of data.

Always maintain a keen sense of touch.

Concentrate on the operation, and the writing speed will be affected.

There was a time when I really collapsed.

The word self-control sounds vague.

To do a good job, you must learn to control your emotions, time and attention.

This, of course, is inseparable from willpower.

It is a physiological mechanism.

Just like human muscles, muscles have strength and allow us to do daily activities such as typing and cooking.

The other is to control the impulsive self of yourself.

Photo source: Zhihu devotes himself to practice

Its like the muscles of the human body.

Muscle strength is constantly consumed, there will be times of exhaustion.

Take the leader of our companys content group Zhuo Jue as an example.

When he was a newly developed biceps fitness coach in 2018.

Our content group leader: Zhuo Jue

Well developed biceps brachii, isnt it manly

Because he loved writing, he decided to quit his job as a fitness coach and came to the company.

From the beginning, he was killed and became the king of manuscripts. Finally, he bought a house and a car within a year with the contribution fee.

What are you relying on?

Its his strong willpower.

After being killed repeatedly, Zhuo Jue began to read.


Every time he saw the shining knowledge points in the book, he copied them down, thinking about the connotation and extension, as well as the projection in life.

Read in the morning and write in the afternoon. In this way, he finally became the main writer of the public name Qian.

10 oclock, presided over the topic selection meeting;

After lunch, start to double check the data;

After dinner, a man was in the conference room writing until 10 oclock.

Picture: outstanding

His ability to work is getting better and better, but with it comes:

His muscles are missing because he has no time to exercise;

My girlfriend is often angry because she has no time to take care of her emotions.

Why is that?

Because self-control is consumed by work.

I believe that many people, like Zhuo Jue, work conscientiously during the day, and when they get home, they want to lie there motionless.

Therefore, people who are busy at work are particularly prone to emotional problems.

Its been a vicious cycle?

Of course not!

Heres how he improves his willpower.

The first method is to take glucose in time.

According to research, eating sugary foods can improve willpower.

Picture: the book never thought

Because human willpower comes from glucose in the blood.

Glucose intake can effectively improve self-control.

The chief editor, considering that it takes a lot of energy to write a manuscript, lets add more glucose.

Originally, Zhuo Jue, who did not eat sweets, would drink some sweet milk and eat a piece of cake during the companys afternoon tea time.

Second, refuse temptation.

Now mobile phones have powerful entertainment functions.

Short video, microblog, circle of friends, video apps

Photo: Entertainment app in my mobile phone

If you open one, you will be completely occupied.

If we are attracted to these things at work, our willpower will be scattered.

So every time I write, zhuojue will mute the mobile phone and quit wechat.

Write quietly for hours.

After implementing this method, his writing efficiency has been greatly improved.

Third, deliberate practice.

You may forget to deal with something when you add it to your planning list.. Set an alarm clock to remind yourself that its time to do this.

Zhuojue has 5 or 6 mobile phone alarm clocks.

Get up at 6 a.m.

At 10:00, a topic selection meeting will be held.

At 8:00 p.m., as soon as the alarm clock rings, he starts to go out for a night run.

Deliberate practice for a long time, these things become his habits, just like eating and sleeping naturally.

Switching from one task to another requires little psychological hindrance.

In the end, he was able to work easily and calmly.

Fourth, dont set too high a goal.

First of all, we are all ordinary people.

It is easy to set too high a goal.

Finally, they may fall into self blame, self depletion and even more procrastination.

Negative emotions are like a bottomless pit that can drag you into an endless abyss.

Source: Zhihu

Try to break the goal apart and do it a little bit every day.

At first, Zhuo Jue was too busy at work and sometimes didnt go running.

Then I fell into self blame: I didnt run today!

But later, he adjusted his mind and allowed himself to run only one kilometer, which was also a complete task.

You know, first complete, then perfect, more important than anything!

I have benefited a lot from working with Zhuo Jue for six months.

When I didnt learn self-control, my job could be said to be.

When in charge of operation, work overtime till 11 oclock every day.

When I got home, I stayed up late to write.

As a result, my body issued a warning: dizziness and fatigue. The next days work efficiency is greatly reduced!

In the end, nothing. And fell into an inexplicable panic.

The reason is that self-control is too poor.

vicious spiral.

go round and begin again.

What should I do?

1. When writing, abandon all interference, turn off the mobile phone, return wechat, concentrate and keep allin state.

2. Decompose the large target into small target, and reduce the expectation value of small target to the minimum. Completion is more important than perfection. Finishing is more important than doing well.

3. When you are tired, add some sugar.

5. Send the notice of focusing on writing to the group, and devote yourself to it under the hint of ritual sense.

There are really only three months left in 2020.

Green Ying hope you can make good use of your time in the following days. Dont waste six months like me.

Roosevelt once said:

We are all ordinary people.

Without a superior family background,

I dont have a great IQ.

Only by taking root in a certain field and constantly digging can we make achievements.

Behind all this, the word self-control is indispensable.

Author: Lu Ying