There are many reasons for marriage, but it cant be this, or it will bring hidden dangers to the relationship between husband and wife

 There are many reasons for marriage, but it cant be this, or it will bring hidden dangers to the relationship between husband and wife

There is also a hasty son to marry.


Recently, a girl from Chaoshan said to me:

Im old. My family has been urging me to make a blind date.

A few, feel almost the same, now the work is busy, there is no time to delay, this is the dating man.

Im going to get engaged, get married, get pregnant, and Ill take care of these things in a month.

In her opinion, when she is old, since it is urgent to form a family, it is all right to solve this matter in the shortest time.

Although it does exist that Chaoshan little sister told me - Chaoshan people do have some first acquaintance, engagement, pregnancy in a month to complete the phenomenon.

I believe that these situations do exist, but I also believe that there are many girls in Chaoshan who are no longer like this.

For example, I have a colleague from Chaoshan.

She didnt say, Im going to get engaged, get married, get pregnant in a month.!

In my opinion, it is a bad habit left over by the previous agricultural society that this kind of thing can be solved in one month. In fact, it is no longer suitable for our modern industrial age.

Its just because there is still some inertia left.

So, I think its OK to slow down this kind of thing in modern society.

Especially for girls, how can you close your eyes and bite your teeth on such an important matter in your life.

Whether its the Chaoshan girl or all the other friends who are facing the same problem, I want to tell you:

At this time, the most important thing to do is to ask yourself, is this person you want?

Is this a marriage you want?

If so, accept it.

I suggest that the engagement should be postponed or even cancelled.

Dont make do with it, and dont make a hasty decision because others are urging you.

Such a decision is likely to make you regret it.


At that time, many people would say, if you miss marriage, isnt it equivalent to giving up the chance to get happiness?

Marriage is not the only way to form a satisfying intimate relationship.

We often talk about marriage, just because its the choice of most people. Its an easy way to go.

Because if one tries to get something that most people cant get, he will naturally have to work harder than most people.

The most important thing a person should do in life is to be himself. If you dont want to get married, you should not get married. No matter how complicated the dilemma is, it should not be a reason to force yourself.

Dont force yourself, it will only hurt others and hurt yourself, and the gain is not worth the loss.

There was a girl who had been married to her husband for two months. Both of them worked in Shenzhen, and their economic life was pretty good.

But the arrival of the children broke their comfortable and peaceful life, so they gave up their work there and went back to an urban area of their hometown to get married.

Originally, they planned to find a job in the province or the city, but the girls husband had to go to a company in Beijing because of economic problems.

The nature of work belongs to the type of running around the country without fixed office location.

This is actually a tragedy of marriage.

I often say: people must not be forced to marry for any external reason.

If you want a happy marriage, you must be willing.

It is also because of this unexpected pregnancy, which has brought her into a very passive situation, so now she is in a dilemma.

Therefore, whether it is that girl, or other people in the same situation, I suggest that we have a showdown with each other - tell them what kind of things they cant accept.

To tell each other, do not wait for innocent children to come to this world, everything is irreparable, two people to talk about this issue.

Dont delay, talk to each other clearly and stop all mistakes.

If in this situation, a girl insists on giving birth to a child, it should be prepared that the other party will not take care of herself and the child.

When a person has gone into a wrong situation, dont make mistakes again and again.


In this matter of marriage, never covet the so-called the other party is good to me, because the other party can treat you well today, and he can also treat you badly tomorrow.

When we get married, we must consider some quality aspects.

Dont say the so-called for the sake of children, to make do with it should be a more cruel thing for children.

The maintenance of two peoples marriage is not so important for children. Dont use children as an excuse and think more about what they want.

In a word, there are no reasons why you have to marry at a certain time or choose a certain partner if you want to follow your heart.

Here, I would like to share with you the common features of good marriage

First, in a sense, a good marriage has not only love, but also friendship.

Second, a good marriage knows the power of balance.

A couple who have a good relationship must know all kinds of balance, including economic situation, emotional changes, periodic tasks, internal and external relations of the family, etc.

Third, a good marriage needs to grow.

If a marriage is long enough, there is a lack of common language, then we should seek progress.

The so-called common language comes from the common growth of both sides in addition to the common feelings and common aspirations. Of course, this growth needs to be in balance.

Generally speaking, if you choose to marry, no matter how many problems arise, either party needs to make another effort for love.

It is unfair to ta if only one party is paying and the other side is giving up lightly.

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