G40 continuous congestion or more than 35 hours, Yangtze River Delta Expressway opens auto show mode

 G40 continuous congestion or more than 35 hours, Yangtze River Delta Expressway opens auto show mode

Affected by this, Wuzhou Avenue faces east, Zhangyang North Road to outer ring interchange, S20 outer ring expressway inner ring Hangjin road to Wuzhou Avenue Interchange, outer ring Jinhai Road to Wuzhou Avenue Interchange, g1503 outer ring Longdong avenue to Yangtze River tunnel.

After 8 oclock in the morning, the flow of G50 Shanghai Chongqing Expressway in Jiangsu direction, Xujing toll station and Zhujiajiao exit; G2 Beijing Shanghai Expressway middle ring road to outer ring expressway, Jiangqiao toll station; G60 Shanghai Kunming Expressway into the city section of the flow also gradually increased.

In addition, the passage to the north of Changjiang River in Jiangsu Province is still seriously congested; as of noon today, vehicles from the south to north of Sutong Bridge on G15 Shenhai expressway have slowed down for 62 km; vehicles of Jiangyin Bridge on G2 Beijing Shanghai expressway have slowed down for 33 km; and the newly opened Shanghai Sutong bridge has slowed down for nearly 25 km from south to north. In the direction of G2 Beijing Shanghai Expressway (G42 Shanghai Chengdu Expressway) to Nanjing, Suzhou and Wuxi sections are seriously congested, and vehicles continuously slow for more than 67 km.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }During the free passage of expressways, all the crossings are no longer allowed to be lifted up. The one car, one pole mode is maintained in the etc lane. MTC (manual toll collection) vehicles can use the special passage for minibus at the toll station with conditions, and the guardrail is kept lifted, so that the vehicles can pass quickly and conveniently. During the free passage period, the vehicle entry and exit lanes must be consistent, especially when the etc vehicle entrance drives into the etc special lane, and the exit must drive out through the etc special lane, so as to avoid the error of etc equipment data. In the high-speed jam an all night extension to read the full video! National Day Tiananmen flag raising ceremony tens of thousands of people cheered, the same sentence suffocated! The next double festival will be overlapped for 11 years. The National Day Hotels revenge rise: nearly 10 times more than 100, 000 1 Nights robbed. Source: Shanghai traffic radio editor in charge: Huang Jiadi_ NNB6466

Stuck up all night on the freeway