Chengdu beauty sitting in Australia 5000 Ping manor, home like a wildlife park

 Chengdu beauty sitting in Australia 5000 Ping manor, home like a wildlife park

Recently, Dongge, a YouTube blogger, visited a Chengdu sisters home in Australia. This Kawasaki, named Dazheng, has been immigrating to Australia with her family for six years. Her husband is a Pasian, and her family works in mining industry. So Dazheng and her husband live in a mansion in the east of pass.

The whole house covers an area of 5000 square meters, the environment is super good, walking at home is like being in the park. There are a large area of green lawn on the edge, as well as a variety of fruit trees.

In addition to our common apple trees, orange trees, mango trees, her family also has a hundred fragrant fruit trees, avocado fruit trees and green root fruit trees are not common fruit trees.

In addition to planting fruit trees, her family also raised a variety of small animals. Including 1 Australian sheep, 1 cat, 2 alpacas, 2 dogs, dozens of chickens, ducks and geese.

Some friends may be curious, planting so many fruit trees, raising so many chickens, ducks and geese, can the whole family eat the fruits and eggs? In fact, when these fruits are ripe, or when chickens, ducks and geese lay eggs, Dazheng will also hang up on the Internet to sell some of them, or send them to his relatives, friends and neighbors.

There are also several houses, divided into living rooms, tool rooms, etc. The exterior walls of the house are beige bricks, with a triangular roof, it looks like a holiday. The outside of the living room is also decorated with a special leisure area. The sunshade is made on it. It feels great to chat and eat here.

Moreover, Da Zhengs father-in-law and her mother-in-law live in the manor next door. The area is larger than her family, with 10000 Ping. This is really a mine in the family! Do you want to see how big the manor of Da Zhengs family is? Then click the atlas below to see the details