More than 1 million rural villas are so grand that they can run around willfully

 More than 1 million rural villas are so grand that they can run around willfully

There are more than 1 million villas in rural Hunan, including chess and card rooms and video and audio halls

The villa has a super large courtyard, space is large enough to run around. In addition, there are also flower beds and pavilions. After lunch, you can take a walk here and enjoy the cool. Dont be too comfortable in small days~

The main building has two buildings, a small bungalow, and a double-layer small Western-style house. The color of red and yellow, with purple and black roof, looks very foreign.

The Chinese style wall lamp on the entrance door post is full of design sense, and the big copper door with purple red color is also quite elegant, which is not vulgar at all.

Coming in is a large front hall, which can be used as a hall house. The old people in the family like to worship gods here.

On the left is a 6.3 meters tall living room, with luxurious chandeliers and large French windows, very imposing. The furniture is carved with mahogany to create a luxurious and elegant Chinese style atmosphere.

The old peoples room on the first floor is a large suite, with a large South facing window and good lighting. The bathroom has been separated from dry and wet.

In addition, there are entertainment and leisure spaces such as entertainment rooms, video and audio halls. The house will not be bored and can enjoy the happy time of a large family.

The design of the whole house is considerate. It looks elegant and comfortable to live in. If you want to build a house, you may as well come to get some experience and poke down the house atlas to see more interior pictures of this villa