I love you, China!

 I love you, China!

Sword out

Frost blade across the streamer

Strong autumn wind


The Peoples Republic of China

Its her 71st birthday

Happy birthday!

I love you, China!

We dont forget

Thousands of martyrs

Wear straw sandals and beat the wind and waves

Leaving life in the distance of pursuing national independence

They failed to see the dawn

Thats the power of truth

The vicissitudes of our countrys Construction

Love the motherland and be loyal to the people

Its their strength to overcome all kinds of difficulties

We dont forget

The reform ship set sail slowly

The sons and daughters of China

With industry, wisdom, youth and sweat

Make a miracle

We dont forget

When the epidemic hit, people were in panic

That sentence is resolute and resolute

People first, life supreme

With us through the world test

Quenching into steel

This era

Shes still her best

We dont forget

Yearning for a better life


A long way to go

Time will come to the end of the world sooner or later

China today

Xiongzhou fog line, Juncai Xingchi

A star

Painting cant make the galaxy bright

Playing the music of the times

Billions of drops of water

Converging into a vast sea

Its not surprising

Running towards the same goal

No one can stop it

I love you, China!

Love your mountains and rivers, morning dew and starlight

Love your four distinct colors

You, Wanzhou love

I love you, China!

Love your splendid culture

Love your tenacity

Love you forever

Love your self-confidence

Love your firm step forward

The right way in the world is vicissitudes