Shenzhen 105 flat one bedroom for 22 million

 Shenzhen 105 flat one bedroom for 22 million

As we all know, the most important factor affecting house prices is location. The house to be introduced today is located in the Shenzhen Bay area at the top of the price pyramid. Next to it are the Shenzhen Bay gymnasium and the landmark building spring shoots. Right behind is the talent park. Moreover, it is also a primary school and junior high school degree room. There is no one in this area~

The average price of the house here is about 200000 yuan per square meter. Even if it is to rent, the monthly rent of a 100 square meter house is about 30000 yuan. In this way, it is reasonable to sell a 105 square meter house for 22 million yuan.

The living room is about 7 meters wide, with a large floor to ceiling window. Outside is the landmark spring shoots, and you can enjoy the beautiful sea view.

The open kitchen looks very foreign. If you are worried that there is too much cooking fume, you can turn it into a closed one second. You just need to pull out four glass doors from the darkroom and close them in a slip. The small mechanism is designed with super cleverness~

Only this one bedroom, of course, is bigger than the living room of ordinary people. It has a 1.8-meter bed, plus a living room with the same sea view bay window. There is still a lot of spare space. You will feel sad when you look at it. This is too wasteful!

Although we cant afford it, we can still have a look at it