Flying micro politics! China on High Speed Rail

 Flying micro politics! China on High Speed Rail

Look far ahead from a high plane, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China has proposed the era of building a powerful transportation nation by the vision of the eighteen party. Xi Jinping has made a long-term vision and systematic plan to provide a direction for the development of transportation.

In recent years, Chinas high-speed railway adheres to innovative development, realizes localization and independent research and development, and has built the worlds most modern high-speed railway network; relying on its strong scientific research strength, superb manufacturing level and excellent technical standards, Chinas high-speed railway ranks first in the world.

Today, in Chinas vast land, the railway is closely woven into a network, and the high-speed railway runs close to the ground. The scene of returning a thousand li Jiang Ling in one day has already become the daily life of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.

According to the latest medium and long term railway network planning, Chinas high-speed rail network will develop from the current four vertical and four horizontal to eight vertical and eight horizontal by 2025. Under the continuous extension of railway territory, a dynamic and mobile China is galloping forward!