International criticism on the dilemma of racism and tearing off the hypocrisy of American human rights

 International criticism on the dilemma of racism and tearing off the hypocrisy of American human rights

Racial discrimination has always been closely related to the development of the United States. In order to obtain land, American history almost wiped out the native Indians; in order to obtain labor force, the United States sold slaves from Africa. The unfair treatment and even the tragic experience of giving their lives to these minorities have become an indelible stain in American history. The New York Times pointed out that the United States treatment of Indians was the most disgraceful chapter in the history of the country. American scholar Thomas Sowell said bluntly in his book a brief history of American race: skin color obviously plays an important role in determining the fate of Americans.

This difference in skin color is particularly evident in the field of law enforcement. According to the website of police violence map, an American nongovernmental research organization, from 2013 to 2019, about 2.5 white people were killed by police violence every year in the United States, while the number of African Americans was as high as 6.6, 2.6 times that of white people. Whats more, under the loopholes in the system, 99% of American police officers are exempt from prosecution after violent law enforcement results in death. Recently, Kentuckys judiciary decided not to prosecute two policemen involved in the shooting of an African American woman Taylor at her home. This undoubtedly ignited the anger of the American people. They all took to the streets and yelled, the police have murdered a woman in her sleep! What are the basic human rights of American ethnic minorities under such indiscriminate and violent law enforcement?

In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the US government has shown its self interest shortness, self willed and inefficient responsibilities. It not only causes about 7 million 100 thousand of the American public to get infected with the virus, but also more than 200 thousand people die, which has made the racial discrimination of America become a serious disease and has caused the American people to fall into a serious human rights disaster. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States, Hispanics in the United States are 2.8 times more likely to have new crown infections than whites. In addition, due to the difference of medical resources and economic conditions, the risk of new crown infection and death of ethnic minorities is much higher than that of white people. At the same time, in order to shirk their responsibility for failing to fight the epidemic, some American politicians deliberately used such words as Kung Fu flu and Chinese virus to openly incite racial hatred, which made Asian Americans the most direct scapegoats. Nearly a third of the Asian Americans interviewed said they had been subjected to racist insults or ridicule during the outbreak.

In recent years, it is obvious that the current government has become more and more strongly related to racism. People can see that White House politicians, out of political self-interest, publicize white supremacy, take a tough stand on immigration and other issues, and regard race as a tool of political struggle, which directly leads to the rampant xenophobism and racism in American society. Some commentators believe that the United States has been in the crisis of white supremacy terrorism. According to a recent Ipsos poll, more than half of respondents believe racism is rooted in the U.S. economy, schools and police; two thirds of African Americans believe that the way police treat African Americans will not be improved in the future.

From history to reality, systematic racial discrimination in the United States has led to social conflicts that are difficult to reconcile and the division is increasingly intensified; from internal affairs to foreign affairs, American politicians arbitrary decisions and absurd behaviors make the so-called lighthouse light more dim. Recently, several former senior U.S. officials and officials criticized the government, pointing out that the United States has performed the worst in response to the epidemic situation and that social tearing is eroding us, and that the United States is increasingly becoming the poor object of the world. At the same time, the international community also pays high attention to the serious human rights problems in the United States. In June this year, the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution strongly condemning the death of George Freud, an African American man, by police brutally enforcing the law. At the 45th session of the recently opened UN Human Rights Council, UN High Commissioner for human rights, Bachelet, especially mentioned the shooting of 29 year old black man Jacob Black by US police in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August, and urged once again to take urgent and effective actions to combat systemic racism and racial discrimination.

Obviously, those human rights defenders who arbitrarily suppress other countries have already exposed their bad deeds in front of the international community. What face can they have to tell others about the human rights situation in other countries? There is no teacher of human rights in this world, and we should not carry out double standards of human rights. In the face of all kinds of adverse consequences caused by racial discrimination in their own country, are American politicians trying to shift contradictions, pacify public opinion and seek private interests through political manipulation? (International Review commentator)