U.S. election Watch: chaotic debate, limited impact, torn America

 U.S. election Watch: chaotic debate, limited impact, torn America

Noisy, chaotic, disgraceful, the worst in history This is the opinion of American public opinion on this debate. The media and experts pointed out that the TV debate was supposed to be an occasion for candidates from both parties to publicize their policy ideas and show their personal charm and ability to voters. However, under the background of increasingly serious party struggle, it has become a stage of mutual criticism and quarrel, highlighting the deep tearing of American politics.

Bad debate

In the debate, Biden seized the main criticism points of public opinions on trump, such as epidemic response, tax issues, racial issues, extreme violence and so on. He focused on attacking Trumps poor anti epidemic ability and inciting racial hatred. He accused trump of making the United States weaker, poorer and more divided. At the same time, he tried his best to show his moderate image of the Democratic Party and promised to unite the United States. Trump defended his response to the epidemic, tax and other issues, while emphasizing the merits of the nomination of the chief justice, law and order, and the best economic performance in history. However, he basically did not talk about his plans if he was re elected.

During the debate, the two sides were full of gunpowder and even personal attacks. The scene of interrupting the other partys statement at will is more frequent, so that the host has to often come out to control the scene. Some commentators used chaos to describe the debate, saying that this is not a debate at all..

Limited impact

As the number and scale of traditional campaign activities have been sharply reduced due to the new crown epidemic, this years presidential election TV debate is expected to receive more attention than previous elections. Many analysts pointed out that trump generally lags behind Biden in the national and key swing state polls so far, so he needs to seize the opportunity of debate to boost the election. Biden, on the other hand, needs to maintain the lead in the polls as much as possible to prove that he has the ability and wisdom to be president.

According to an article published on the website of the economist, before the debate, the public had a good understanding of the candidates personalities and policies, and the current bipartisan political polarization in the United States has made most voters determine their party positions before the debate.

Relevant opinion polls also confirm this point. According to the Wall Street Journal poll, more than 70% of American voters say that the debate will not have much impact on them. According to the Pew Research Center poll, only 10% of voters said they would decide who to vote during or after the debate.

Perhaps because of this, the efforts of both sides to win over the middle voters are not seen in this debate. Republican policy analyst Ford OConnell told reporters that both sides are serving their basic plate voters.

Observers pointed out that the new crown epidemic, anti racial discrimination protests and the economic recession that led to mass unemployment constitute the background of this years election and are also the multiple crises facing the United States. However, neither trump nor Biden put forward any new campaign information in this debate. The policy proposals lacked details and the focus was not on how to solve the problem.

In terms of policy, the Washington Post website said, the debate failed to inspire the audience.. The Wall Street Journal said both sides of the debate brought anger and frustration..

On the question of who won the debate, American media and think tanks with different partisan tendencies gave different answers, and netizens views on trump and Biden in their messages also showed polarization.

CNN said the debate could further undermine global confidence in American style democracy.. The chaotic Tuesday night may upset Americans and some undecided voters will not vote at all..

Some commentators pointed out that this chaotic debate reflects the current serious division and confrontation in the United States, and there is no real winner. Some American netizens said: as viewers, we all lost.