After watching the Chinese peoples reaction to the US election debate, the US media are very pleased

 After watching the Chinese peoples reaction to the US election debate, the US media are very pleased

On the 30th local time, CNN published a review article entitled in the chaos of the first debate, China and other democratic enemies became the biggest winners.

Therefore, based on his own reading of Chinese netizens ridicule of the debate, the author said that some of the US administrative measures, including this debate, have become the gift of attacking democracy by the American opposition.

For decades, China has criticized American democracy for its very real flaws. Anyone who wants to pursue reform and liberalization in China must respond to these questions of American democracy. The author wrote in the article.

Source: the New York Times

Compared with CNNs focus on China, this report of the New York Times also interviewed many western scholars and politicians from the so-called US allies, many of whom made candid criticism on this debate and the issues behind it.

The reality is that leaders across Europe feel isolated and that what trump has broken down (mutual trust and mutual assistance) cannot be fixed in a short period of time. One of the respondents said.

In addition, the interviewee also said that the leaders of Russia, Brazil and Turkey realized that they could do whatever they want because the United States could no longer assume the responsibility of leadership.

In addition to giving China the big hat of falling for democracy, the two reports also point to trump with tacit understanding, believing that he should take great responsibility for the desolation of American democracy.

Objectively speaking, these two reports have made great efforts in the study of Chinese public opinion. Many of their observations are more accurate than those reported by other foreign media. However, they contradict the most basic causal relationship: American democracy is not the result of netizens at home and abroad. It is precisely because the United States exported too much force at the beginning, which made itself a target of ridicule Too high praise, once their own problems, it is inevitable to be a fierce backlash.

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The first debate of us general election ignites global public opinion! American media: a historic moment of national humiliation

Fx168 Financial News Agency (Hong Kong) news on the evening of September 29 local time, the first presidential debate of the US election was held in Cleveland, Ohio. The first debate was conducted by Fox News Host Wallace. The novel coronavirus pneumonia and the economic and social problems of Trump and Biden are debated around the nomination of the Supreme Court justices, the medical insurance and economic, race and violence issues, climate change and energy, and election justice.

From the beginning to the end of the debate, trump often interrupted Bidens speech and the hosts questions. The whole process was very fierce and chaotic. Biden once told trump to shut up. Host Wallace also often reminds trump to let Biden finish. Trump sometimes points the finger at Wallace, who has to say, youre arguing with him (Biden), not with me. Let me finish the question.

In response, politico news website even said frankly that this is a historic moment of national humiliation, and this debate can be embarrassing for many years. The first presidential debate in 2020 can hardly be seen. This is an epic spectacle, a new low point in presidential politics and a new climax of national humiliation. This stain will be visible for many years to come. According to the report, trump obviously came to break the rules of official debate and get rid of any etiquette.

CNN also said that without strong restraint, the US presidential election debate quickly degenerated into shame.

Capitol Hill also said on the 29th that the debate was full of personal attacks and interruptions, which will become the epitome of a dirty and chaotic election.

In a subsequent statement, the trump campaign said chaos was their strategy, the report said. The statement also said that trump was in control of the situation and Biden was weak.

Larry Sabato, a political expert at the University of Virginia, said he had watched the presidential debate for 60 years and had never seen such a situation, the Financial Times reported on September 29.

Ive watched every presidential debate live since 1960, Sabato said. Never has it been worse than trump. He broke down. Other presidential debates in October should be cancelled. You cant have a civilized debate with trump on stage.

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